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Team Kit - Tee, Cap, Stickers

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Support our 2019 Elephant Charge team by purchasing this exclusive sponsor package. Includes limited edition full color tee shirt, cap with 3D smoking skull logo in the colors of the Zambian national flag, and 4 multi-color smoking skull stickers.

But what you really get is the warm fuzzy feeling of having supported our team and our donation to the Elephant Charge and the charitable causes they support. The Elephant Charge was founded in 2008 in Lusaka, Zambia. It is an extreme off road rally with approximately 35 entrants each year who attempt to complete a series of checkpoints over extreme terrain in limited time. The winner completes the course in the shortest distance within the allowed time. We are still looking for the win.

Funds raised are donated by the Elephant Charge to conservation causes in Zambia ranging from supporting anti-poaching teams to educational programs for children to aid in their understanding of the ecosystem and the importance of protecting elephants and other endangered species. Please give generously.

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