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DQ Events

Duncan Quinn has always been a private club, masquerading as a bespoke tailor. First come the bespoke suits, then come the invitations. And Oh, what invitations they are.

Private dinners in secret places with the finest wines known to man, and Michelin trained chefs. Cocktails on vintage double decker buses, with the finest mixologists in the world. Rosé and parties aboard one of the largest classic racing schooners in the world at the Monaco Grand Prix. Rallies through the African bush to raise money for conservation and a glass of the rarest whisky on the planet. Or bagpipes, haggis and fire breathing before the police show up to shut us down. Whatever it is, you can guarantee we've thought it through. Who should come. What should be there. How it should all work. And that it will become one of the greatest stories of your life.

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