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Our Story

"Savile Row Meets Rock 'n Roll" - GQ Magazine.

We opened in NoLita, New York City in 2003 on a mission to better dress the gentlemen and rogues of New York City and beyond. To create a club of characters. And give them reasons to dress up in our bespoke suits. Fortunately for us the world, clients, and the press responded. And still do. Our unique combination of classic bespoke tailoring, irreverent twists, exceptional events and general curation of the good life has led to many fun things. We've dressed the great and the good, and in some cases characters bordering on insane. We've thrown cocktail parties in vintage double decker buses, grand cru wine tastings on 200 foot schooners, legendary dinners in the lobby of Chateau Marmont, Gumballed and Goldrushed and Elephant Charged across continents, raised money for good causes, and generally whooped it up as much as we can adding stories, as well as bespoke suits along the way. We've been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows all over the world including the NYT Magazine, GQ, Esquire, Details, Departures, Town&Country, Forbes, Fortune, Worth, WSJ, FT, Guardian, Le Monde, Corriera Della Serra, EsquireTV and others. Inspired by gentlemen and rogues from Sir Ian Fleming's James Bond to Cary Grant's John "The Cat" Robie.
When DQ was small he always told his parents he wanted to be an architect and a stuntman. He was diverted by mathematics and law. But eventually found he had somewhat of a knack for spacial things. Both human and mechanical. He also has an exceptional eye for color, texture, and character. And so it was that he came to do the architecture for suits for bodies, and get behind the wheel of anything that goes fast. He had also realized when involved with the hospitality business that although people will tell you never to judge a book by its cover, almost everyone does. Which makes for interesting possibilities when manipulating perception. 80% of communication has been shown to be non-verbal. Think about that for a second. Eighty-percent of what you say does not come out of your mouth. And is not enunciated by your thoughts becoming words. It is enunciated by what you wear and how you look.. and act. And so, yet again, although we make suits, we are not your average suit maker. It's not just about taking measurements and you choosing your cloth. It's about achieving a mission. Maximizing "you" for the challenges you will be faced with in life. Whether by dialing up or down the volume of the message the suit speaks. More understated, less understated, more elegant, less elegant, more formal, less formal. Adding or deducting small signals which people will perceive. So while a bespoke DQ suit is still a suit, more than that it is your message to the world. Lets work together to make sure it's the message you want it to be.
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