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The Bespoke Wardrobe

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Whether you are just starting out, or you are just seeking new beginnings, this is the deal for you. Twelve truly bespoke suits, or sport coat/trouser combinations. Every man should have certain staples in his wardrobe. The clean understated navy worsted, the grey flannel, some linen for the summer, a little mohair for that special event, a killer tuxedo or two to pair with that glass of Krug. A tweed shooting jacket. And an overcoat. And perhaps a few pairs of perfect trousers to go with a versatile jacket or two. And needless to say, shirts. For board meetings, legal battles, drinking with your buddies, hanging out on the yacht, rolled up at the beach, and rolled down in front of the fire at the ski-lodge. 

This wardrobe will be like no other you have ever worn. Each item will be selected by you and Mr Quinn, Wardrobe Medicin Man, as you weave your way through countless selections to find the cloths which speak to your soul, enrapt your personality, and take your vibrations to another level. Paired with one of a kind linings made just for your suits. Hand cut, stitched, and finished all using a pattern developed just for you from a set of specific measurements taken at your first consultation. 

After creating an initial pattern a basted try on will be made of your first suit to ensure the perfect fit. Then you will be off to the races (perhaps we should do a morning suit while we are at it!) While you can have them all at once, you can also have us stagger deliver so that every month has its own celebration.

Oh. And did we mention we'll be giving you one of our Gentlemen Rogue™ signet rings and inviting you to come to all sorts of shenanigans your new outfits will be appropriate for? From secret speakeasy dinners and wine tastings to yachts moored off Monaco and rallies across Africa. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Package includes full consultations as required and 12 jackets and 12 trousers.  All other items additional, except sterling silver signet ring to size.

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