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Bespoke Testimonials

"The best tailor in town. These are not your father's suits -- unless your dad was 007." 

-Nigel Barker

"Duncan Quinn is my favorite men's designer and brand of suits."

-Christian Louboutin

"Five years ago I didn’t know Duncan Quinn. We had not yet become friends and traveled together. Five years ago I also looked as if I had been dressed in the dark by droopy-eyed, armless gnomes. I have a large 6 foot 6 inch body that is not easy to fit with off-the-rack suits. Enter Duncan. Now I trust Duncan implicitly with suit creation. Each suit is a magnum opus. He knows what fabrics and colors work best for each client. He is gifted beyond measure in this. He is not merely selling suits, he is selling confidence and expression of your personality. Trust in him and watch the magic ensue." -Tom

"Six years ago, I was preparing to launch my own company. In preparation for what was sure to be a belt-tightening time in my life, I paid a visit to Duncan Quinn for a few key staples I could wear with confidence in front of potential investors and clients. Through speaking engagements, pitches, and critical meetings, they passed all tests with flying colors. In fact, despite having made custom and bespoke shirts with other makers around the same time, Duncan Quinns are the only ones that lasted the course. I threw the other brands away. Now that the hard work has paid off, and I've sold my company, I can indulge in the luxuries of life once again. So one of my first stops was to Duncan Quinn to re-stock on products that not only last, but that give you the confidence you need to build, run, and sell your next company."
- Brian
"I've had nothing but compliments on my suit and was asked by someone working for Esquire Magazine to come in for a casting on great suits... The craftsmanship is top-notch"
"I've been wearing DQ's outstanding suits and shirts for years and am always complimented on for their original design and superior quality. It's all a man could ask for to complete a style-forward wardrobe. His peripheral collection of ties, polos and accessories are a welcome addition to this line of fine clothing. Recommend confidently."
"The DQ ties that I own are of the highest quality silk and construction that anyone could ask for. As far as unique style, no one does it better!"
"After being introduced to the brand by GQ, I checked out this NoLita store and was just blown away by the cool ties. Very Rock 'n Roll meets Wall street. An item from Duncan Quinn will add a touch of color and coolness to any business outfit."

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