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Better by Bespoke

Why It Pays To Do It Right
What is bespoke? And why does it cost so much?
You could ask the analogous questions:
what is Formula One?
and why does it cost so much?


Limpopo Journal.

When I drove over the border into Zimbabwe,
the country was barely nine years old,
the signs of civil war still everywhere.
Bullet-holes scored the outer walls of the
farmhouses spotting the savannahs.

Get Knotted

Theft. That is why you need a DQ tie. Plain and simple. For only exceptional things inspire the dreams of avarice.


Whether it be that you are fully attuned to your inner James Bond, or that you simply don’t give a damn for convention the folding and fluffery involved in the display of a pocket square can say a lot.

Feel the fibre of your fabric

We're pretty easy going in terms of how we do things at duncan quinn. Sometimes we are simpletons.  In the same way that Sir Winston Churchill was.  After all, we share his tastes: we are easily satisfied with the best.

Nitro Express: Hemingway’s Westley Richards Safari Gun

Ask a group of sporting gents to name the world’s finest gunmaker and you’ll get a chorus of “Purdey” and “Holland & Holland”. But those in the know might tip you...“Westley Richards, old boy.”

Way of the Wasp: Celebrating 70 Years of Vespa 

Enrico Piaggio, son of Piaggio founder Rinaldo Piaggio decided to address the problem with a new mode of transport: a cheap, reasonably zippy contraption much more suitable to everyday civilian life...

Arachnophilia: The Fiat Spider, Then & Now

In 2017 Fiat plans to bring the Spider back to the U.S. after several decades absence in the form of the spiffy new 124.