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Burns Night

As you already know, its any excuse for a party at duncan quinn. But some excuses are rather better than others. Burns Night being one of them.

Chateau Lambo

I'm not really quite sure where to start to describe this smorgasbord of vicious indulgence. Around ten years ago a rather entertaining Glaswegian who was then the maitre'd at Soho House in New York engaged in a chat with your's truly that resulted...

Get tonik

Tonik Mohair has to be our all time favourite cloth. Its the suit of choice for Jack Carter. So don't be wearing it if you can't handle yourself. That said, its also the choice of Alfie. The original ladies man. Immortalized on film by Michael Caine when Alfie told us...

A Time for tweed

No one really knows why we call it what we do. But we do know that if you are planning any serious shenanigans in the wild there's not much that beats Tweed.  Back in the day when it was only worn by bagpipe blowing, caber tossing haggis-heads the original...

Any Game Chicken Wings

Even if you’re not an avid sports fan, we can all appreciate the simple all-American goodness that is the chicken wing. Haute cuisine is it not, but they are pretty damn good with some cold beers. There’s nothing worse...

License to thrill Part II: The Cut

When all is said and done the cut of your cloth is at least as important as the cut of your steak.

Color for Dummies

Remember the time you were in that really important meeting and you decided to open your mouth then couldn't believe what came out of it?  That's why a friend of mine has a rule for his sales force:  If it isn't going to help, and it might hurt, don't say it.