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Double “O” Style for Fall

As rosé season comes to a close in the south of France (and every where else) its time to ditch the cotton, the seersucker and those Nantucket reds.  And get yourself kitted out in some fine flannel, tweed or worsted wool.


Whether it be that you are fully attuned to your inner James Bond, or that you simply don’t give a damn for convention the folding and fluffery involved in the display of a pocket square can say a lot.

A Time for tweed

No one really knows why we call it what we do. But we do know that if you are planning any serious shenanigans in the wild there's not much that beats Tweed.  Back in the day when it was only worn by bagpipe blowing, caber tossing haggis-heads the original...

Better by Bespoke

Why It Pays To Do It Right
What is bespoke? And why does it cost so much?
You could ask the analogous questions:
what is Formula One?
and why does it cost so much?


Blood Orange French 75

A rakish look calls for an elegant rakish cocktail. Let me suggest a Blood Orange French 75.

Sexy & 70: Ferrari’s Fiery Tributes to the Greats

At the Paris Motor Show Ferrari just unveiled an amazing array of cars designed in tribute to some of the most iconic Prancing Horse drivers and owners of all time, in celebration of the legendary marque’s 70th anniversary...

All Mod Cons: When The Jam Ruled the World

How did three rather raffish young men from Woking, Surrey come to be among the most stylish and influential men of their generation – and later fade into near obscurity?

Badasses at Blenheim: Classic Supercars Invade the Duke’s Palace

His Grace the 12th Duke of Marlborough is our sort of chap. Blenheim Palace, to Salon Privé, the posh concours d’elegance that’s starting to look like serious competition for Pebble Beach.