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Accessories maketh the man

Giorgio Armani was once credited with saying that any man needs only one good suit.  And one hundred pairs of shoes.

Better by Bespoke

Why It Pays To Do It Right
What is bespoke? And why does it cost so much?
You could ask the analogous questions:
what is Formula One?
and why does it cost so much?


The glorious hammer gun

In 1875, two innovative fellows at Westley Richards in Birmingham, England patented what is still a mainstay of double-barrel shotgun making to this day—the Anson-Deeley action.
ricard jacket_02


It’s always good to name things after memorable things. And for anyone who ever spent any time in the south of France the name of Paul Ricard will forever be associated with high octane...

Post Coital Late Night Vampire Sarnies

We (the “DQ” crew) have a musically inclined DJ friend who is a modern day Austin Powers – a true man about town / rock and roll ladies man who just exudes that Brit charm.

License to Thrill Part I – Cloth

Mr James Bond is introduced to us in 1962's Dr No. in a tasty two piece shawl collar dinner suit (tuxedo to us in the USA). Dinner suits done right are probably one of the most effective pieces of equipment in any well dressed man's arsenal...


What better way to arrive for a dinner built around the wines consumed by James Bond in “Goldfinger” than an Aston Martin.

A Time for tweed

No one really knows why we call it what we do. But we do know that if you are planning any serious shenanigans in the wild there's not much that beats Tweed.  Back in the day when it was only worn by bagpipe blowing, caber tossing haggis-heads the original...