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It’s always good to name things after memorable things. And for anyone who ever spent any time in the south of France the name of Paul Ricard will forever be associated with high octane...

Monaco GP: the DQ way

Of all the circuits of Formula 1, it may be the most revered. Not necessarily for the track or the racing. And it’s not that it doesn’t have that in spades.

Mclaren 650s

Don't be deceived when you first set eyes on it. This is exactly what it looks like. Trouble. Of the best variety.

Boating Blazer

It’s the weekend and you’re headed to a swanky
soirée in the hills. LA dress code dictates
“cocktail chic” which loosely translated means
“see duncan quinn”.


Old School Cocktails

Old school also translates better with cocktails. Unless you have a Scottsman Nugget Ice Maker or a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine from the 80’s, the best crushed ice for highball and swizzle cocktails is made by hand in a Lewis Bag.


Stick the key in the ignition of this monster hog of a book. Snarling under the hood of this majestic novel by Oregon-born, LA-living Rachel Kushner is a torque-churning engine run on literary nitrous oxide.

Color for Dummies

Remember the time you were in that really important meeting and you decided to open your mouth then couldn't believe what came out of it?  That's why a friend of mine has a rule for his sales force:  If it isn't going to help, and it might hurt, don't say it.
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Accessories maketh the man

Giorgio Armani was once credited with saying that any man needs only one good suit.  And one hundred pairs of shoes.