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Ready To Wear Tuxedo

Lets face it.  You know when a tuxedo is required.  For us that would be dinner every night. Or the odd cocktail at the bar at Balthazar or some other suitable watering hole. For you it may be a wedding, cocktail party, charity gig, or just because you like wearing it at breakfast on the yacht.

Every Gentlman Rogue™ also knows that when you absolutely, positively have to go full James Bond, there is no substitute.  Created by the New York elite who hung out in Tuxedo Park and diligently worn by aristocrats, grooms, goons and the odd dumb waiter in some form ever since.
Which is why you need to take care where yours is from. Lest someone at the event you are attending asks you to take their glass, or God forbid, for another canapé.
Needless to say, that is why you man up and get one from us.
Designed by DQ for the perfect balance of Gentleman and Rogue, our Tuxedos are hand cut, stitched and finished in New York City, from the finest lightweight (8oz) English wool milled in Huddersfield, and finished with the finest grosgrain silk, fancy lining, and all the trimmings. We'll even hand stitch the surgeon's cuff button holes for you in a color to suit. There's also a little natural stretch in this particular wool, so your lines will be even more streamlined than usual should you have a few too many vol-au-vents or glasses of that fine claret on offer.
Available in rakish midnight blue, or somewhat more daring these days, black (apparently black is the new black.) Single button, 4" peaked lapel, double vented and with our signature Gentleman Rogue (TM) pockets.
Limited quantities available. Dry clean only. Sparingly. With someone you trust. Otherwise steam, press and store.
For the Rogue in every Gentleman.

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