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Bespoke Suit + Design Your Own Cloth

Welcome to the pleasure dome. Sometimes having something special is not enough. What is required is something unique. Spectacular. Never seen before. Nor after. Much asked after. Never replicated.

Most bespoke suits, no matter how fancy your tailor, are made from cloth selections offered from cloth houses which mill in volume. Just as with making cars, cakes, or anything else, making one is a darn sight more expensive per unit than making 10,000. So although Dormeuil and some of the other exclusive cloth houses may limit certain offerings to production sufficient to make say, 70 suits globally, this is still not unique. 

And more to the point, it is not, and cannot ever be, the perfect expression of YOU. 

Should your heart's desire be to wear suits that simply no one else has (no matter the reason) you need to chat with us about shutting down production lines. Changing yarns and looms and doing crazy stuff that has factory production managers scratching their heads, spitting out their JPS cancer sticks, and choking on their tea (for we all know that the best cloth is milled in and around Huddersfield in England, and as such the aforementioned foreman is probably a gentleman of northern English extraction...a very particular breed indeed.)

To pull off such miracles requires some serious time spent with Mr Quinn figuring out your foibles and peccadillos. Your likes and dislikes. What the suit will be worn for. What we are seeking to accomplish. If anything at all. Perhaps it is simply your sybaritic persuasions leading you into yet more gourmandize of a suiting variety.

After considering options, setting your heart upon a particular expression, and choosing color combinations we make CADs and woven samples to divine which option will be the winner.

Then we choose the winner. And make the cloth. Just enough for the suit. With perhaps a little extra in reserve just in case unfortunate events should require a repair at a later date.  And from thence we proceed down our usual path. 

Please allow at least six months for this monumental task to be completed. 

And then grin from ear to ear like the cat that got the cream.

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