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About Our Ties


Duncan Quinn ties are always conversation starters. But behind their tongue-in-cheek humor is one of the highest quality ties in the world.

The process always begins with a story, and each of our ties has one. From the classic Reppe and Dobby designs, to our signature Smoking Skulls, Fleur-de-Lys, Movie Guns, BasquiHats and Robot Fish.

Over time our tie collections, which are all designed by DQ (often in intricate detail and as fully worked up colored drawings), have been inspired by such things as Coats-of-Arms, Tattoos, Memento Mori, Fine Art, Spy Movies, Steampunk Fiction, and Mathematic Formulae.

Once DQ has a design in mind, and has worked them up to a point where he can share with our silk weavers he gets his ideas over to Sudbury in England and fine tunes the style of weave (Reppe, Twill, Satin, etc) and the color palette.

Initial blankets of color options are woven pursuant to instructions from DQ on base warps and the colored wefts that he wants to add in to the mix...whether one or two, or sometimes up to eight.

All of our tie silk is woven on 350 end looms which are almost unique to our silk weavers. They've been weaving silk on site in Sudbury for almost 300 years so are quite expert at producing the best in the world.

Once we have blankets DQ then chooses the color combinations which make the cut to go into production. Our ties are all cut, stitched and made by hand in England not far from our silk weaver.

Some ties are our intricate under knot single motifs (such as our signature Movie Guns which we have been producing since around 2012.) These must be pinned in place by the cutter so as to ensure correct placement of the motif both in terms of centering it on the tie, and also its drop from the tip so that when tied in a knot the motif appears in the correct position. Its not easy. And each varies very slightly due to the nature of making each item by hand. This process also uses approximately 40% more silk per tie due to wastage.

Others are easier to cut as they contain a repeated motif such as a Polkadot which may be cut in either direction and still create an impeccable tie of character.

Finally, each tie color combination is limited to a short run of ties. Some have been as few as 4, most are at most two dozen. In the entire world.

Feel free to drop us a line, come by, or give us a call to discuss more if you'd like.

Meanwhile, grab a few, and watch the room open up as you give everyone an opening gambit for their conversation. Our ties are meant to polarize and create a conversation. So be ready with a response...and we'll leave the rest to you.

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