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About Our Accessories


Manners may make the man. But accessories make the ensemble. More than once has something spectacular been ruined by a shitty watch, bad shoes, an ill placed chain, ring or other thing. These things are not important. They are not life and death. Or the end of humanity as we know it. But small things beget big things. So lets focus. If you've read our "About Our Suits" section you will by now understand that we are in the business of more than catering to mere whim.

And so everything must be the real McCoy. Sterling silver. Silk. Gold. Leather. Wood. The best stuff. For the best job. Ever.

Hence our accessories, as well as being designed by DQ from his particular viewpoint of the world, are made of the best materials, in the best places, by the best artisans.

Most have been making things for us since we opened. Most have been in the business of making luxury artisanal things for a long time. Some have Royal Warrants and other such tomfoolery to attest to their spectacular skills, provenance and superiority in their field.

DQ designs. They make. You wear.

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