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About Our Bespoke Suits

We are known for our bespoke suits. But we will accommodate requests for anything from bespoke cufflinks to bespoke safaris as part of DQPrivee. All our bespoke clothing is hand cut, stitched and finished in our workshop in New York City. No fusing or glue is used. We make suits, sport coats, overcoats, morning suits, black and white tie, as well as separates, shirts, ties and accessories. Each reflects the client who is to wear it and will stand the test of time. Cloth is sourced from the finest mills in the world and we stop at nothing to ensure the best for our clients, including custom milling cloth for truly one-of-a-kind bespoke suit. All prices include all fittings, alterations and finishing, with our bespoke service beginning at a very reasonable $4,500. That said, on average clients spend around $7,000 on each suit. Very special items can reach into the $20,000-30,000 range. Normally it takes around 8 weeks from when you order your bespoke suit for us to see you for the next fitting.  We do accommodate rush requests when we can.
Please contact us to discuss your requests further.

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