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"Six years ago, I was preparing to launch my own company. In preparation for what was sure to be a belt-tightening time in my life, I paid a visit to duncan quinn for a few key staples I could wear with confidence in front of potential investors and clients. Through speaking engagements, pitches, and critical meetings, they passed all tests with flying colors. In fact, despite having made custom and bespoke shirts with other shirtmakers around the same time, they are the only ones that lasted the course. I threw the other brands away. Now that the hard work has paid off, and I've sold my company, I can indulge in the luxuries of life once again. So one of my first stops was to duncan quinn to re-stock on products that not only last, but that give you the confidence you need to build, run, and sell your next company." - BRIAN


All of our shirt club shirts will use the finest Thomas Mason Bespoke fabrics. Milled in Italy from only the finest long fibre cotton, cross bred and engineered for maximum performance, then grown in the perfect conditions in Giza, Egypt. It's simply the best shirting there is. 


As with all our products, our goal is to make you look amazing and to feel confident. In a James Bond sort of way. An understated elegance, with an iron fist inside a silk glove sort of approach to life. So all of our shirts are fitted. But not so fitted that you can't enjoy the odd Duke's martini, or that bottle of Grand Cru Burgundy you have been promising to share with that special friend.


The DQ collar was established almost 15 years ago. Tall and spread enough for a half or full Windsor tie knot, its still perfect left open for a more casual look. 


As with all things DQ the devil is in the detail. Among other perfectionist touches all of our shirts are single needle stitched requiring three (3) passes of the needle and three folds to make for a triple strength side seam which will last the test of time. 


Mother of pearl may not be the hardest wearing material known to man when you have Manhattan laundries to deal with. But the depth of color provided by the layers of natural nacre just provide a finish second to none. It just cannot be replicated with man-made materials. So we stick to the best that mother nature provided.


Why Italy? Well...despite being British we are only interested in the best. Of everything. And its not as if they are French, right? With a broad and deep history in shirtmaking Italian shirtmakers are renowned for doing it right. Then there is always the food. And wine. After all, we need a good reason to visit to do our quality control. But seriously. As with everything we seek out artisanal producers to realise our designs in the best way possible. We stand behind our construction.


Rest assured, we will deliver a shirt that fits impeccably. If you're in town, feel free to stop in for a personal measurement. If you're not able to make it in, then please just let us know, and we will use our Jedi mind powers to help make it happen by remote control.

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