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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 99: So Bring Out The Figgy Pudding

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 99: So Bring Out The Figgy Pudding

 First published to our newsletter recipients on December 12, 2019
Oh, bring us some figgy pudding
Oh, bring us some figgy pudding
Oh, bring us some figgy pudding
And bring it right here
As always, start at the bottom and...Bottoms Up!


gift cards: 10% bonus on us

Think someone special in your life would appreciate some DQ? Get them one of our gift cards and we'll add an extra 10% bonus on us, and send you a DQ keyring on us to boot!





bespoke suit raffle: still running


We're still running our bespoke suit raffle. The long and the short of it is that for $100 you get a 1/100 chance to win yourself a DQ bespoke suit. It doesn't do any harm that a portion of the proceeds will go to help support our Elephant Charge team which raises funds for conservation in Zambia.





the holiday tie: special offer

It's become tradition for us to have a holiday tie. So this year use the code TIEONEON at checkout for some Christmas cheer from us on any of our camoflage or car ties.
It will be $105 of the best dollars you have ever spent.




patent pending: DQ cufflinks

Simply put these are the best idea since sliced bread for the Gentleman Rogue.
Once you own a set of backs for our Patent Pending cufflinks you can simply buy as many (or as few) individual fronts as you would like. Wear them with mismatched colors of the same design, or different designs, or have us monogram a set of fronts.
Priced so as to be approachable for almost anyone, and to provide a gift which can keep giving for years as new fronts are added to a personal collection.
No more cufflink box required, just grab a roll of fronts (we are happy to supply a leather case) and watch with glee as your friends eyes pop out of their heads when they see these.
Handmade in England by artisanal jewelers who have supplied the British Military and Royal families around the world since the 1600s. Approved craftsmanship with Royal Warrants to prove it.
Buy now in sterling silver with enamel. Or special order in 22ct gold.




handy: DQ gloves

As with all things DQ our gloves took a lot of wrangling. Never wanting to settle for a second best we spent years hassling the best glovemaker in England to make our very own gloves. As with most of our accessory makers, these guys have Royal Warrants from here to Timbuktu and have been making gloves for over 275 years.

Made of the finest Scots tweed combines with the softest deerskin leather these are simply the best gloves known to man. As proven when a prospective purchaser cam in, tried them, heard the price, leaft for three hours to check out every other glove in Manhattan and then returned to purchase lined with cashmere, trimmed with our DQ Smoking Skull, they just cannot be beat.

Available in red, navy or charcoal with contrasted cashmere lining.




green: DQ wallet

You have to store it somewhere. At least for now. And this could be just the best place. Handmade in London by an artisanal workshop which made leather goods for generations. Available in blue or red leather with carbon fibre effect, lined with our signature Smoking Skull lining. The Royal Warrants held by these guys stand testament to their skills. And the design is all DQ.
Available while stocks last.




foot friendly: DQ socks

We're definitely not no sock guys. Just as we don't recommend wearing your trouser legs at half mast like a 1960's tax collector in a shrunken polyester suit.
But what we do recommend, is these. Hand linked socks made at the finest sock shop in the UK. They've been making socks for over 150 years and supplied the British Military among other things. And yes, of course, they have Royal Warrants.
Designed by DQ, exclusive to us. Available while stocks last.




drink up: knowledge


If you have been following along we've made many book recommendations this year. With a couple more to come.

If you would like this fountain of knowledge packed up and sent to you, or a friend, please "book it" below. We will wrap and send this font of knowledge in a special wine box, together with a few surprise items from us.

For knowledge is power. So get some.





cocktail: skye boat

The Skye Boat dates back to the 1960s. The orange peel and sugar cube garnish mimic a floating boat and reference the Isle of Skye, with its single whisky distillery. 
Whisky, orange and caramelized sugar make this a fantastic cocktail choice for Christmas.
The key is to burn the sugar in alcohol for an extra caramel flavor.
60ml Drambuie
60ml Scotch
60ml Orange Juice
1 Orange Peel
1 Sugar Cube
30ml High Proof Whisky
Soak the sugar cube in 15ml of the high proof whisky. Fill a rocks glass with ice, pour over the Drambuie, scotch and juice. Now stir. 
Take the orange peel and allow a flame to run up the outside of the skin. The heat will release the orange oil. Squeeze it gently after lighting to drop the oil into the glass. Top with more ice and place the peel over the top. 
Place the sugar cube on the peel. Put 15ml of the high proof whisky on a spoon and carefully heat it with a flame until it catches fire. The flame will be clear. Tip the hot liquor onto the cube, which will catch fire and sizzle. Stir it all in to the drink. 
Even if you burnt your hair off this one will put some back on your chest!
Bottoms Up!

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