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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 98: 'Tis The Season

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 98: 'Tis The Season

The season is upon us. So as we all prepare to swing our pants through the end of 2019 and into 2020 here are some thoughts on how to do that in style.
As always, start at the bottom and...Bottoms Up!

holiday gifts: our selection

 Our raison d'etre is making beautiful, impeccably sourced and presented things. So here is a selection for the holiday season for you, your friends, and your loved ones. All will pass the test of time with flying colors. Both in terms of style, and longeavity.

signets: gentleman rogue ring

If you are lucky, you get what you pay for. In the dark ages conmen were clipping coins and fabricating fake items from dubious metals so the Crown of England decided that enough was enough. Rules were implemented requiring all items made of precious metals to be assayed to confirm their composition. Assay offices were created. And hallmarks designated to be stamped onto each item confirming where it had been tested, what it was made of, and where and when it was tested. Our 22ct gold signet ring is marked DQ with a 916 indicating 91.6 grams of pure gold per 100 grams, an anchor for the assay office where it was tested, and a U for the year, 2019.
Needless to say there is a smoking skull on the inside as well. Just for good measure. Also available in sterling silver.




 super-luxe: cashmere and alpaca scarf


Scarves are a tricky thing. There are the inexpensive ones, and then the expensive ones that are all sourced from the same places just with different labels. So here is something different that no-one else has. Made of the finest alpaca, cashmere and mohair. Handcut and handmade in its entirety in our workshop in NYC. We only made a few. And there will be no more. So here is your change to acquire a super-luxe heritage piece which you can hand down for generations. Just close your eyes and imagine the look as you get out of the vintage Bentley in your midnight blue tuxedo accessorized with this.




the gift the gift that keeps giving: shirt club

We know you can buy more at TM Lewin for less. But that sort of depends what you define as "more." We prefer to think it is better to have less of the best, than more of the less-than-average. Our biggest conundrum is people returning ten or fifteen years later to the store to tell us how great the shirts are that they bought when we first opened. As Henry Royce loved to say, "You'll remember the quality long after you forget the price."
Get stuck into a set of shirts this year that will last you for a decade or more. Get some for yourself. Or gift some to a special friend. You needn't have them all made at once, and you needn't make them all the same. And yes, there are 1,000s of the best quality cotton shirting fabrics in the world to choose from.
Handmade in a small artisanal workshop on the east coast of Italy by a family with generational experience in shirtmaking, our shirts have all the best things a shirt can have. From the stitch density, to the double seams, to the sustainable mother of pearl buttons and beyond.
Take the shirt off our back by joining our Shirt Club and get the 13th free on us for your efforts.



patent pending: DQ cufflinks

Simply put these are the best idea since sliced bread for the Gentleman Rogue.
Once you own a set of backs for our Patent Pending cufflinks you can simply buy as many (or as few) individual fronts as you would like. Wear them with mismatched colors of the same design, or different designs, or have us monogram a set of fronts.
Priced so as to be approachable for almost anyone, and to provide a gift which can keep giving for years as new fronts are added to a personal collection.
No more cufflink box required, just grab a roll of fronts (we are happy to supply a leather case) and watch with glee as your friends eyes pop out of their heads when they see these.
Handmade in England by artisanal jewelers who have supplied the British Military and Royal families around the world since the 1600s. Approved craftsmanship with Royal Warrants to prove it.
Buy now in sterling silver with enamel. Or special order in 22ct gold.



handy: DQ gloves

As with all things DQ our gloves took a lot of wrangling. Never wanting to settle for second best we spent years hassling the best glovemaker in England to make our very own gloves. As with most of our accessory makers, these guys have Royal Warrants from here to Timbuktu and have been making gloves for over 275 years.
Made of the finest Scots tweed combined with the softest deerskin leather these are simply the best gloves known to man. As proven when a prospective purchaser came in, tried them, heard the price, left for three hours to check out every other glove in Manhattan and then returned to purchase. Lined with cashmere, trimmed with our DQ Smoking Skull, they just cannot be beat.
Available in red, navy or charcoal with contrasted cashmere lining.



green: the DQ wallet

You have to store it somewhere. At least for now. And this could be just the best place. Handmade in London by an artisanal workshop which made leather goods for generations. Available in blue or red leather with carbon fibre effect, lined with our signature Smoking Skull lining. The Royal Warrants held by these guys stand testament to their skills. And the design is all DQ.
Available while stocks last.



foot friendly: DQ socks

We're definitely not no sock guys. Just as we don't recommend wearing your trouser legs at half mast like a 1960's tax collector in a shrunken polyester suit.
But what we do recommend, is these. Hand linked socks made at the finest sock shop in the UK. They've been making socks for over 150 years and supplied the British Military among other things. And yes, of course, they have Royal Warrants.
Designed by DQ, exclusive to us. Available while stocks last.



drink up: knowledge


If you have been following along we've made many book recommendations this year. With a couple more to come.


If you would like this fountain of knowledge packed up and sent to you, or a friend, please "book it" below. We ill wrap and send this font of knowledge in a special wine box, together with a few surprise items from us.


For knowledge is power. So get some.





bottoms up!: KRUG

Velvety. Vanilla. Toffee. Caramel. Tickling your taste buds as the bottle disgorges it's golden elixir to the final precious drop. DQ has been lucky enough to enjoy many a bottle of Krug. From time to time in the company of the Krug family itself. But always in good company. In the company of his fellow sybarites. Krug is a Champagne like no other. Fantastic enough to seduce even a dyed-in-the-wool Burgundy lover like him to the golden side of the force. For most Champagne is just ginger beer with connections. But Krug is different. In conception. In vision. And in history. Against the counsel of everyone around him, Joseph Krug upped and left his office job to pursue a dream. And a vision that would result in what many say is the king of champagnes. He took the champagne rule book - a new vintage every year - and threw it out the window. Deciding that the key was to make something special every time. Not just when nature happened to provide the perfect set of conditions. His wines would not be subject to the fickle mistresses of weather, pestilence, war, or plague. Or the resulting harvests. He would control what  he bottled and lent his name to. And utilize a method more akin to the refining of fine spirits. Like aged rum. Or blended whisky. Something like the Solera method. Taking more than a decade to produce a vintage released today by blending multiple different wines and vintages to make a magical, and consistent, product. Each a slightly different expression. But each clearly the same. It was a master stroke. And continues to provide dividends today in the form of Krug’s legendary Grande Cuvée. So rare and precious that LVMH decided they must have it as part of their luxury stable. No matter what the cost. And no matter whether it made money or not. As what it makes, is magic. Which can never have a price.
You can read more in Maxim Magazine, where DQ is an Editor-At-Large publishing his musings on cars, bikes, boats, booze and style in every issue.
Rumor also has it he will be hosting a very special KRUG dinner soon for a lucky group of Gentlemen Rogues. Contact us for details...



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