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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 96: Time Travel

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 96: Time Travel

We like to think that the right outfit transports you to another place. And we've noted before that it does actually make a difference.
But even if you have your Edwardian cuffs cut right like our friend in the photo, and your waistcoat with lapel in place, you may need more giddy-up than just a fine wool mohair blend to take get you there.
We've again been investigating time. The only thing we can't get more of. Or can we?
Read from the bottom, in a Riedel balloon glass, and ponder...Bottoms Up!

join: dq supper club

We're wrapping up the list for this year...if your interest was piqued by a secret society of epicures discussing life, the universe, and everything over some of the finest victuals known to man the time to reach out is now.
And yes, that may include something to taste from our buddies at Chateau Palmer.



wardrobe: flanneleur

We've been cranking out orders for wonderful flannel chalkstripes like the one worn here by our buddy Pedro Pascal.
They work well with boardrooms, Bentleys and bespoke dinners such as those we are giving access to a select few of you above.
Depending upon your complexion and preferred geographical local we may prescribe anything from a dove grey three season 9oz version to the full bifta London City winter weight charcoal 14oz monster.
Make an appointment and get a personalized prescription just for you.




read: lifespan

why we age and why we don't have to

We hope by now you are all following Peter Attia MD and his cast of characters drilling down into life.
Those of you who are may have caught his chat with David Sinclair. He mooches around at a little known school in the north east called Harvard, where he is a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging.
He might, as they say, "know his onions."
We've mentioned all of these things before, but pick this up and disappear down the rabbit hole of AMPK, mToR and Sirtuins...the three things our 120 year old brethren may have under control that you don't.
And that is before we even get into discussions of a genetic reset button pushed by giving you a pill. Which returns you to your twenties from an age standpoint as if nothing had happened.
Some of this is already here. The rest is coming. Maybe you want it, maybe you don't.
A little like the vaccine for smallpox...right?




watch: the sleeper

We're not massive fans of Woody Allen. Except when he pops in to play his jazz clarinet at the Carlyl. Well, that, and, well, this.
Who couldn't love the premise that upon waking in the future from a coma you fall into now it becomes apparent that everything we were told is bad for us is actually good for us.
Sound familiar? butter, eggs, saturated fat...hmmm




cocktail: resveratrol


Back in 2006 Resveratrol was to be the panacea of age. And became immediately popular as a supplement. And, better still, an excuse for inhaling bottles of red wine. And, in particular, red Burgundy. As the sensitive Pinot Noir grape tends to suffer more stress in its growth cycle and thus pass on more of this incredible anti-oxidant to it's fermented offspring.
It turns out that taking capsules of it are pretty useless. But drinking a fine burgundy will always provide pleasure. Even if it isn't actually making you get younger.
We discovered one of our favourites at a magical dinner in Tokyo at a restaurant called l'Effervescence.
But for those not looking to track down the holy grail we highly recommend picking up something tasty from our buddies at Drouhin. They own more Premier Cru and Grand Cru parcels in Burgundy than anyone else. Or if you want to go the full monte, the Domaine de La Romanée-Conti.
Bottoms Up!

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