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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 94: Dressed To Thrill

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 94: Dressed To Thrill

We're still in discussions with Aston Martin to create a limited edition DQ-S car. If you want to be #001 we are looking for you. Lunch with DQ and discuss the ins and outs of aesthetics, power curves, and sound systems.
Meanwhile, for those of you not looking to add a James Bond car to your collection, but merely a James Bond wardrobe, it is time to come see us for fall.
People always leave it too late. So we encourage you to make an appointment now and get ahead of the curve.
And if you live in the upside down where it is just warming up for spring, or are planning on spending the northern hemisphere's winter somewhere warm this still applies - let us know what you want it for, and we will make the magic happen.
With that said, as usual, start at the bottom, mix that cocktail, and then sit back and peruse at your leisure.
Bottoms Up!




thrillers: tuxedo time

We're all told to get one by the time we are thirty. And then to fit into it for the rest of our life. As with most clichés there is an ounce of truth to this - you should definitely try to stay in the best shape you can. If not for your suit, or your pocketbook, for your health. As health is wealth as they say.
But there are myriad different versions of the American take on formal dinner wear invented in Tuxedo Park, New York.
And we can cook up something fantastic for every single wedding, charity event or gala you have lined up from here to Timbuktu. All without you having to wear the same piece of kit twice.




elephant charge: 20 days to go...


Thank you to those who have already bought some kit, or a ticket in the raffle to win a bespoke suit. We're still way below where we need to be so we would really appreciate it if you tell your mates, get your company to emblazon our car with sponsorship logos, or do anything else that will help us in this endeavour.

The Elephant Charge has raised nearly US$1,000,000 since 2008 to help fund anti-poaching teams, schooling for children, tribal liaison, and almost everything you can imagine to help the elephants and their environment in Zambia.

Yes, it is a crazy 4x4 rally in the African bush. And yes, we do have a blast. But it is a hell of a way to go, and a lot of work to prep a rally car and team to take on this challenge. All in the name of a good cause.

So extend those crocodile arms, shake out the moths, and get involved!

Many thanks for your support.





fall wardrobe: the time is NOW

sport coats


We understand that many of you don't wear a suit to work. Or to play backgammon. Or go for dinner. Or drive to your country pile. Which is why we also make sport coats. Glorious, memorable sport coats. From our winter standbys in the finest tweeds known to man, to soft, indulgent pieces fit for a king. Bring us your ideas, and we will turn them into head turners.




For that special fall piece, or twelve, we have a new selection of everything as well as our classic staples. Luxurious flannels and corduroys, hardy worsteds, indulgent cashmeres and other exotica. Whatever your poison we can make you look better drinking it.




When the weather really heads south you start to see the full expression of a man's wardrobe. We would be remiss to let you stumble from Bentley to Balthazar in anything but the best over your finest bespoke suits. So please do remember to come in to discuss an exceptional overcoat. Hand made of the finest materials known to man. With all the details you would expect of the best that money can buy.


shirt club


Let's not forget the shirt on your back. The best policy for not losing it is investing in our Shirt Club program. Spend an hour or so pondering rugged singles, silky soft 300/2 ply, and everything in between. For the crisp white number you need for that board meeting is certainly not the same number you need for the cabin in the woods with the Watson Bros. guns propped outside while the pheasant hangs in preparation for dinner.





read: chop wood, carry water

As you know by now, we are not fans of self-help humbug. But we are great admirers of thoughtful insights and observations on the path to success (whatever that may be.) In the same vein as the underlying ethos of a book we oft send to those in need, "Shop Class as Soul Craft," this book is more a treatise on life, and how to best live it.
We just finished the short, pithy, version which some may find somewhat childish if not fully absorbed. But we think there is a kind word to be said for the brevity of the message. For those who prefer the longer original, use the second link.
And remember,
Words put pictures in your mind.
Pictures in your mind impact how you feel.
How you feel impacts what you do.
What you habitually do impacts your destiny.





cocktail: a martini... of course

William Elliot is a master. We know this for a fact as he has mixed us more than a drink or three. And also, from time to time, made a guest appearance at our very special dinners. And then there is the fact that his cocktail program won a coveted James Beard Award...
When he is not perfecting the art of mixology at Maison Premier or Sauvage in New York City he can be found helping other lesser mortals exceed expectations in their own bars across the globe - the Hoxton Hotels for one...
Here is his take on a Martini...and one we like:
2 3/4 ounces Mahon Xoriguer gin
1/2 ounce Luli Moscato Chinato
3 dashes orange bitters
Garnish: caperberry, nasturtium blossom, fresh juniper sprig, thin lemon peel
In a mixing glass, stir together all ingredients with ice. Stir and strain into a coupe. Serve with a sidecar of ice, caperberry, nasturtium blossom, fresh juniper sprig and lemon peel.
Bottoms Up!

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