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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 92: Live Like A Maharajah

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 92: Live Like A Maharajah

DQ just got back from a spicy 96 hours in Jaipur. A city of color, spice, and beauty. Hidden gardens, Maharajahs with bespoke Rolls Royces, and gemstones galore.
But we're still focused on our mission to Africa to save the elephants, and teach kids about conservation.
But we're still focused on our mission to Africa to save the elephants, and teach kids about conservation.
Or support the cause by getting involved in one of the many ways available here.
As always, first of all, start at the bottom, mix that cocktail, and Bottoms Up!


win a bespoke suit: elephant charge raffle $100

Yes you read that right. One hundred dollars. And a dream.
Every year at the Elephant Charge the biggest winner is always a debate. Is it the team that won the rally? Or the team that raised the most money for the cause?
We've never won either. Yet. But we can work on that.
So this year we have something special for you. Buy a ticket. Win a bespoke suit.
There are several options. All will be amazing, full DQ bespoke with all the bells and whistles. Hell, DQ will even throw in lunch at Balthazar and a bottle of something tasty.
But you have to be in it to win it.
So there you are. Get on it. As we may never do this again.
And hell, tell your friends for once.
Up to 100 tickets will be sold for each raffle. Provided we sell 100 tickets for the raffle in question one name will be drawn for each raffle at random to win the bespoke suit. If for any reason we do not sell 100 tickets for each individual raffle the tickets from the raffles with insufficient participants will be combined, and provided there are at least 100 tickets in total a ticket will be drawn to win, and the winner will have a choice of cloths. If we do not sell 100 tickets each ticket will convert into a gift certificate for $100 valid for three months.




sponsor placement: team rally sponsors


We are constantly plagued with social media influencers asking us for freebies. We have 34k followers. But we are not asking you to stick your logo on our car for the exposure. We are asking you to do it for a cause, and idea. And as we may remember, ideas are bulletproof. So please plaster our car with your corporate logos, personal mantras, or whatever else you fancy. But lets make sure we run out of slots!





rally team kit: get some

We've gone to great lengths to make this stuff the dogs danglers. So get yourself a package of joy, or gift one to someone else. 
Includes team tee-shirt, cap with 3D logo, and stickers.




cocktail: masala chai sour

Spicy like.
 2 oz Okanagan Spirits Whisky, or similar
 1 oz Fresh lemon juice
 ⅔ oz Masala simple syrup
 1 Egg white
 3 dashes Denman Bitters
Shake all the ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker until the egg white emulsifies. Garnish with a dried lemon disk, drunken cherry skewer and a light dash of cinnamon.
Create a simple syrup using equal parts sugar and water. Add multiple Irish Breakfast tea bags, crushed cardamom, ginger (fresh, peeled, sliced), one cinnamon stick and a dash of bitters. Bring to a boil and remove off heat immediately. Allow to steep for at least 48 hours to one week for maximum flavour. Strain and refrigerate.
Bottoms Up!

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