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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 85: Daddy Daycare For Grownups

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 85: Daddy Daycare For Grownups

First published to our newsletter recipients on June 9, 2019
Every now and then a Gentleman Rogue gets a free pass. And can then let his hair down, open the floodgates of bacchanal, and indulge in his fantasies before returning to the real world.
It's Daddy Day on June 16th. So here are some thoughts on how to use that free pass. Whether you are a real daddy, a sugar daddy, or just THE daddy.
As always, start at the bottom, mix up that cocktail, sit back and ponder what would have happened had you actually broken El Chapo out of jail rather than just considered it as a faustian investment...

go big: jero daddy


Rosé is not just for the ladies. Ship in a few cases of the big boys and make a party of it this summer.  As you know DQ has been inhaling this stuff for over 35 years. Made just north of St Tropez it is the real Provençal juice the locals drink. Mediteranean diet be damned!





gold: ring it up

This ring is the ultimate Daddy accessory. Literally a story ready to be told over lunch, dinner, or to the dude next to the Daddy at the bar buying him the best hooch money can buy to understand exactly what he is missing. Get one now. And watch it pay off.
Available in sterling silver. Or baller 22ct gold by special order.






shirts: shirt club is for the daddy

Our shirt club is the perfect daddy day care gift. Literally the best shirts money can buy. get a dozen we'll chat with the baker and make it lucky number 13.






bucket list: monaco grand prix early sign-up

Our Monaco Grand Prix trips are the stuff of legend.
Sign up before August 31 and get ahead of the curve, with a special price to boot.
Ten large could get Daddy the time of his life. Literally. Hookers, blow, and lawyers to bail him out not included. But almost everything else you can imagine. And more.
Limited places available. Batteries not included.




save the world: elephant charge

All work and no play makes Daddy a sad and dull motherfucker. So send him on the trip of a lifetime to come save elephants with us. Or at the very least buy him a sponsorship sticker for our Charge Car. Or our package of goodies to wear proudly in the pub. This one is a no brainer. Save the world. Save the Daddy. Win-win.
Sign him up now and just tell him he is going.
Or e-mail us for details of sponsorship packages, and the goodies that come with them.





read: the musakanya papers

If Daddy is coming to Zambia for the Elephant Charge he had better read this. Even if he isn't this is a rare opportunity to read the musings of history through the eyes of someone other than the victor. As one of DQ's mentors recently chuckled with him about over lunch at the New York Athletic Club, "it is amazing how difficult it is becoming to predict the past."
Valentine Musakanya grew up in a village in Zambia with nothing. Educated by the local mission his intellect was spotted immediately. And led him from the bush to Cambridge University on a scholarship from the British Government. And then to a post as the first Minister of Finance of Zambia. The Governor of the Bank of Zambia. The founder of Zambia Airways. And then to prison. And being accused of treason by the country he loved the most.
This is the story of one man's journey. And a story of what could have been.




drink: life

In 1971 a Porsche 917 was clocked on the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans in France at 240mph. Almost FIFTY years ago. No traction control. No ABS. No electronic anything.
Balls. Of. Steel.
DQ is off to Le Mans this week courtesy of Brembo to be trackside in his own airstream and meet with the Ferrari and Ford GT teams as they go head to head in what some might say is the most revered car race known to man.
What will we be drinking? Probably a Pastis Ricard 51 or two, and some eau de vie...

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