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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 84: Your Glass Runneth Over

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 84: Your Glass Runneth Over

First published to our newsletter recipients on May 15, 2019
It looks as if summer is finally going to arrive in Gotham City. Which means it is rosé time. As most of you probably know, we've been importing DQ's favourite summer tipple from Provence in the south of France for a few years now.
Made just north of St Tropez in the Var region of Provence it is classic beach rosé just the way it should be. Light, dry, and refreshing.
If you'd like some to stock up your cellar for the summer you can get it delivered directly to you almost anywhere in the USA.



And if you are lucky enough to be in NYC, Miami or LA you can also find it at some of the finest hotels, restaurants and bars. Please keep your eyes peeled for our signature smoking skull. Then order with abandon as it's the good stuff.
Now, with that glass of Quinn rosé in hand, read from the bottom up, and sit down in that comfy chair.

gold: 22cts of signet

As we like to tell people, if you are lucky you get what you pay for. But sometimes there are smart ways to take the luck out of the equation. Back in the dark ages when con men were clipping coins and fabricating fake items from dubious minerals the Crown of England decided that enough was enough. And thus rules were implemented requiring all items made of precious metals to be assayed to confirm their composition. Assay offices were created. And hallmarks designated to be stamped onto each item confirming where it had been tested, what it was made of, and where and when it was tested.
One of our first 22ct gold versions of our signature smoking skull signet rings just arrived from England. Handmade to order at a jeweler who has been working with the Royal Family and British Military for hundreds of years. Royal Warrants. All the pomp and circumstance you can handle.
The ring is marked with the maker's this case DQ, us. Together with 916 indicating 91.6 grams of pure gold per 100 grams. An anchor for the assay office in Birmingham where it was tested. And a U for the year, 2019.
We also added a smoking skull on the inside. Just for good measure.
Available in Sterling Silver, 22ct Gold or Platinum they are the quintessential mark of the Gentleman Rogue.





watch: flicks in the south of france

The perfect light brought Matisse, Picasso, and many others to the Côte d'Azur. And its beaches were famous for their rosé and seafood long before it became a trend in the US. Here are a few good movies to get you in the mood to get #quinning with that rosé you just ordered...
















get: get beach kit

Shop Tees


 Shop Swimshorts

Shop Sunglasses



read: the count of monte cristo


Some say Alexander Dumas based the Count of Monte Cristo on a true story. If ever there were a yarn you should read with a goblet of beach rosé in hand it is this. With Marseille as its epicenter the story unfolds from here. And returns here.


The Count Of Monte Cristo



drink: well...we think we covered that already...



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