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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 8

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 8


the art of war


Too long in New York City has made a cynic of me. I need to keep my ears and eyes open to surprises and to log and to learn from them more. Up filters so to speak. Observe. Listen. Distill.
For then I would take less things for granted. Like the fact that not everyone I know has read this book. At least once. And preferably several times. My jaw literally hit the countertop over a glass of very fine Montepulciano recently as the CEO of one of the most revered brands in the world told me he had never read it. I was gobsmacked. Not being one for sandal flapping self-help books, I understand that it takes time to read, and that the self-help drivel often only helps the coffers of the author. But this is different.
Learning the rules of the game from a general who fought hundreds of wars AND NEVER LOST is very different from taking advice from someone who lost some weight, or found spiritual guidance in tea, or climbed a mountain.
It’s not for everyone, and naturally inhabits a world that no longer exists. But its lessons are often easily translatable to any contentious situation you may find yourself in. 
Life. Death. Spies. Manipulation. Winning before you even engage.
Get it. Read it. Win.




the dirty dozen



Speaking of wars, while we prefer making love to making war, we still love Donald Sutherland's "Number Eleven", as well as the rest of the cast of this epic of retribution, absolution, and war.
It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon watch. And worth every minute.



accessories for your battleground


If you’re going to win your day, you’ll want to look the part. Let us help.​​​​​​​

Magnum 44 Tie


Brass Cufflinks


Magnum Pocketsquare



now for a cocktail

In addition to passing on family heirlooms, a gentleman should also teach the next generation how to act like a man (passing along this blog is a good start). My grandfather taught me how to quail hunt, my father taught me how to properly cradle the nose of a football when breaking through the defensive line, and I will add to the list by passing on the art of the cocktail, especially ones that have withstood the test of time.
One cocktail that is sure to be passed down is the Rolls Royce, a cocktail that was first published in the 1930 edition of the Savoy cocktail book.

the rolls royce

2 oz. gin (use a peppery one like Beefeater 24 or one with bite like Ransom Old Tom)
1 oz. Dolin sweet vermouth (or Carpano Antica if using the Ransom)
1 oz. Dolin dry vermouth
1 tsp. Benedictine
***Stir over ice for 25-30 seconds.  Strain into chilled glass.  No garnish.

dq shirt club



The first rule of Shirt Club is:  You do not talk about Shirt Club. 
The second rule of Shirt Club is:  You DO NOT TALK ABOUT SHIRT CLUB! 
Third rule of Shirt Club:  We spec the shirts, you wear them to victory.

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