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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 79: Time Enough For...

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 79: Time Enough For...


regatta ready: essential kit

For the salty seadogs amongst us, or perhaps those with a peculiar penchant for rum, the season is about to be upon us with a vengeance.
There is nothing quite like the feeling of speed keeled over with an almost sheer drop from the rail to the water at full sail in a good wind. Cranking along at 20 knots can provide just as much adrenaline as accidentally popping that wheelie in 4th gear on the superbike you somehow found yourself on reaching for hyperspace on the A8 Route du Soleil.
Just as with every pursuit there are signals you can send to the gang that you are part of the crew (if not part of the ship.)
So let us get you kitted out in regalia fit for the owner of that classic yacht racing in the Bucket at St Barths, or the Antigua Classic. Whether it's linens, gabardines, or tropical wools we will make sure you steal the show.
Needless to say, complete with our Trademark Gentleman Rogue Pockets.




summer: sunnies


Timeless classics. Our sunglasses are handmade in Italy with UV400 lenses and metal frames. Like everything we do they are built to last. And to look classic from the second you put them on. Albeit with a little rock 'n roll and attitude. Inspired by the London Metropolitan Police special issue pursuit driver glasses of the 1960's they're our go-to for any sunny trip. Whether equipped with our standard lenses, or re-lensed with prescription lenses or other coatings.


Then, of course, there is the sign of the Gentleman Rogue - our signet ring. Handmade in England by jewelers with over 300 years of experience working with the Royal Family as well as all the branches of the British military. If you spot one please extend courtesy and a drink. No doubt stories will ensue.




cocktail: rum punch

There was a time when collecting the caps of the various Caribbean regattas was the pursuit of many a character. It probably still is.
But if you made it onto a boat to race you were mostly fueled by Rum Punch. Here is the DQ version.
Hampden Rum
Pineapple Juice
Orange Juice
Angostura Bitters
Put a large measure of rum into a tall glass. Add ice. Add equal measures orange and pineapple juice, a teaspoon of grenadine and a half dozen shakes of Angostura bitters. Top with a shake of nutmeg. Don't garnish with umbrellas or cherries and pineapples.
Bottoms Up!

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