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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 75: The Need For Speed

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 75: The Need For Speed

First published to our newsletter recipients on March 11, 2019
Lawnmowers, mopeds, Volkswagens, Ducatis, Landrovers, and pretty much every mechanical thing Duncan ever had in his mitts he has taken apart to fix, hop up, or rebuilt. This desire to understand how things worked, coupled with testosterone and a superlative video game called REVS fueled a lifelong interest in speed. And a need for it.
Although many favor beautiful cars for their purely aesthetic qualities Duncan has always preferred to take them out and thrash them mechanically within an inch of their lives.
Occasionally trees and tickets have gotten in the way of this pursuit.
So this Q+T is an investigation of all things Formula One. The weekend racing fueled with danger, speed, and glamor by Bernie Ecclestone into a global financial powerhouse, and test bed for all things fast, perhaps, still to come (although remember this...)
In any event, we suggest you start at the bottom and mix yourself a cocktail, then settle in to read and ponder this week's installment of your Q+T.
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speedfreaks rejoice: our list

As always this is not a definitive list. Merely and amuse geule for those with the interest to learn more. And also, as always, history is written by the victor. And journalism is never unbiased. So keep an open mind as you dip your toe into the waters.
Click on each title for the link.


Grand Prix - The Killer YearsA Being a Grand Prix driver in the 1960's and 1970's was about as dangerous a path as one could take. With cars crashing and fatalities occurring so frequently it became the norm. This great documentary tells the story of how the drivers pushed to improve safety - and won.


Grand Prix:  James Garner takes the wheel in this epic battle to be crowned the 1966 champion of Formula One. Great vistas and some cool car stuff too.


Weekend Of A Champion: Roman Polanski spends a weekend with world champion driver Jackie Stewart as he attempts to win the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix, offering an extraordinarily rare glimpse into the life of a gifted athlete at the height of his powers.


1 - Life On The Limit: Did we watch for the blood and guts? For the death defying stunts of pilots sitting atop ballistic missiles with four (and sometimes six) wheels which have been a part of Grand Prix since they began? Or was it simply about a game of skill? 1 is perhaps the best dive into how safety became key to the success of Formula One.


Rush: The epic duel of the 1976 Formula One championship.  Featuring Nikki Lauda, and James Hunt. The British playboy Stirling Moss asked while he was driving for McLaren: “James, they’ve changed the regulations concerning the air boxes and the wings and yet you’re still extremely fast. How do you do it?” “Big balls," shot back Hunt. Amen.


SennaGrowing up in the 1980s it was almost impossible to not be affected by Senna. Many will argue that he was the greatest Formula One pilot of all time. They may well be right. From Brazilian carts to some of the most perfect laps ever performed, he believed that God was on his side. It certainly looked that way. Until it didn't.


Drive To SurviveIf someone were to have dreamed up how to make Formula One sexy again, this documentary may be it. Produced by the same team that made Senna, it's a deep dive into the speed, politics, danger, and these days almost automaton like professionalism of the drivers. Watch it.


key: ring

Even if you don't have a Formula One or Le Mans car sitting in your garage a nice keyring always comes in handy. Beautiful Italian leather which gains patina and character as it ages.





racy ideas: Monaco GP

Of all the circuits of Formula One, it may be the most revered.
Not necessarily for the track or the racing. And it’s not that it doesn’t have that in spades.
It’s just that when the net worth of the planet convenes in a fiscal paradise that started life as a pirate cove, things can’t help but get a little more energized than usual.
And even for New Yorkers with fat wallets and sharp elbows, obtaining the correct entrée to do it in style can be tough.
It takes a certain kind of very well-connected character for all the pieces to fall into place.
Otherwise it can be a cramped, noisy, sweaty day of not seeing much.
So as with all things, the smartest decision if you are interested in experiencing Monaco GP is to send us a note to discuss...




cocktail: the flaming ferrari

DQ has been present when more than one bar has been lit. In the literal sense. Once in midtown Manhattan a manager spotted a bartender beginning to light more than two dozen Zambuca shots he had ordered for a group of characters. Unfortunately the manager knocked over several of the glasses and the entire bar turned into a roaring inferno. DQ only noticed from the look on the face of the young lady he was talking to - her eyes opening to the size of saucers - and the reflection in her glasses. He wasn't even looking at the bar...
Many other flaming offenses have occurred over the years. But none compare to the infamous Nam Long - Le Shaker in London. One of the few places in the world which will serve you a Flaming Ferrari if you are crazy enough to order one. This cocktail is regularly on the list of the most dangerous drinks in the world. So it seems only appropriate that it should appear in a Q+T about one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.
We wouldn't blame you if you opted instead for a classic Negroni. But there is certainly nothing known to us which will blow your pipes as clean as one of these. Be prepared for a serious punch. And conversations to go from reasoned to comedic in the blink of an eye as this fierce beast of a cocktail kicks in.
As a wise man once said, "a drink that looks lovely, burns beautifully, but will still make you wish you’d got out of the Ferrari before the petrol tank exploded."
15ml Grenadine
30ml Galliano
30ml Sambuca
30ml Green Chartreuse
30ml Grand Marnier
30ml Dark Rum
Pour the Grenadine into the bottom of a Martini glass.
Add the Galliano, poured over the back of a spoon.
Layer on the Sambuca, poured over the back of a spoon.
Carefully add the final layer of Green Chartreuse, again using a spoon to stop the layers from mixing.
Place the Grand Marnier in a shot glass alongside the Martini glass.
Place the Dark Rum in a shot glass alongside the Martini glass.
Carefully set the contents of the Martini glass alight and begin drinking the contents through a double straw.
Have a friend pour in the two side-shots as the level of the Martini glass starts to go down.
Bottoms Up!

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