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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 73: Give Him An Oscar

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 73: Give Him An Oscar

First published to our newsletter recipients on February 25, 2019
In case you missed it, yesterday was the Oscars. And a very talented man in a classic tuxedo won best actor. It's a time to dress up. Tuxedo style. But there are plenty of other occasions. Even if you are not stepping up to accept an Oscar. As to which more below on the perfect attire for when that moment comes. But we also wanted to ponder meat, making money, and plague water. So keep reading.
And as always, we suggest you start at the bottom and mix that cocktail, and then settle in to read and ponder this week's installment of your Q+T.
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meat: going oldschool


Not everyone is into meat. So if you are on the vegetarian path, or vegan, pescatarian, or otherwise inclined please move on to the next section.
It seems well established at this point that to live a long, healthy, life the diet best suited has been summed up as, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
But when you do want to consume some high grade protein, we all want the stuff that tastes the best and has the good stuff in it which will nourish our minds and our bodies.
Interestingly, despite the USA and its USDA beef having built a reputation for the some of the best steak you can get, there is a lot of evidence that at the top end of the market even US producers are now questioning the methodology of how our meat is reared. And not purely from an animal welfare standpoint. From a flavor standpoint. Every country has its version of what is best. But there are certainly some standouts - the documentary "Steak Revolution" which follows a French butcher who is thrown out of his guild for suggesting French steaks are the worst in the world is pretty funny, and worth a watch. And contrary to usual US practice older is, perhaps, better. Some might say that if you want the best steak in the world, you go to El Capricho in León, Spain and eat a cut from a 15 year old ox...
Needless to say wash it all down with a Vega Sicilia (made not far from León.)


oscar attire #1: the tux


The perfect tuxedo. Magnificent in color, cut and hand-sewn detail. This classic tuxedo was designed and hand made in New York City. Not that far in fact from the cultural roots of the Tuxedo - Tuxedo Park just north of the city. Where the tuxedo was born as an answer to what to wear in slightly less formal dinner circumstances than tails or white tie. Originally simply a twist on the afternoon cocktail suit, the tuxedo became the de rigeur piece for formal dinners as more formal attire was relegated to state and other functions.
This tuxedo is cut from the finest lightweight midnight blue English wool & mohair, milled in Huddersfield in England, complimented by 100% silk lapels and details, our signature smoking skull lining, and covered silk buttons. Single button, 4" peaked lapel, double vented and with our signature Gentleman Rogue™ pockets. We'll even hand stitch the surgeon's cuff button holes for you in a color to suit. There's also a little natural stretch in this particular wool, so your lines will be even more streamlined than usual should you have a few too many vol-au-vents or glasses of that fine claret on offer. Hand cut, stitched and finished in New York City. The perfect tuxedo for any event where you want to stand out from the crowd.
Let's face it.  You know when a tuxedo is required.  For us that would be dinner every night. Or the odd cocktail at the bar at Balthazar or some other suitable watering hole. For you it may be a wedding, cocktail party, charity gig, or just because you like wearing it at breakfast on the yacht.
Every Gentlman Rogue™ also knows that when you absolutely, positively have to go full James Bond, there is no substitute.  Created by the New York elite who hung out in Tuxedo Park and diligently worn by aristocrats, grooms, goons and the odd dumb waiter in some form ever since. Which is why you need to take care where yours is from. Lest someone at the event you are attending asks you to take their glass, or God forbid, for another canapé.




oscar attire #2: the trimmings

The Classic White Formal Dress Shirt with French cuffs is perfect for understated elegance. This shirt is constructed from luxurious 100% long fibre cotton engineered for maximum performance, and is meticulously handcrafted in small batches in Italy. French cuffs, mother of pearl buttons, and a fly front for understated elegance. The perfect formal shirt, no studs required.
 As with all our products, our goal is to make you look amazing and to feel confident. In a James Bond sort of way. An understated elegance, with an iron fist inside a silk glove approach to life. So all of our shirts are fitted. But not so fitted that you can't enjoy the odd Duke's martini, or that bottle of Grand Cru Burgundy you have been promising to share with that special friend.


Simply put you must have a fantastic bowtie to go with that fantastic tuxedo. Or risk making it look as if you rented your outfit. Or ran out of gas. Get a proper one. Like this. Inspired by Bond. Intended for ladies to untie with a lustful tug. At just the right moment. Made in England from the finest silk grosgrain.


There are slippers. And then there are slippers. And these aren't the ones you wear to potter around the house. Unless it is a palace. A very special and limited run of slippers perfect to wear with that blue tuxedo for some extra oomph. Or with a pair of jeans and a beautiful French blue shirt as you hop out of the midnight blue Ferrari. Vintage preferably. With a V12. Cotton and silk uppers woven with our signature smoking skull design in England. Slipper hand made in Spain. We think these are pretty awesome. And we're damned sure if you wear a pair others will be giving you nods, winks, and props too.



For when you really want to push the boat out, accept no substitute. The rakish silk scarf is always the icing on the cake of a fantastic dinner outfit. And this one may just have the most swag of all. 100% silk made in England.





Rounding out your outfit. And ensuring that if your signet ring catches someone's eye they may very well recognize the mark of the Gentleman Rogue™.
Tyler Durden eat your heart out.
Sterling silver. Hand made in Birmingham, England.
*Also available in 22K Gold ($4,595) or Platinum ($5,950) upon request.





read: my uncle oswald


We could all do with an Uncle Oswald. This is Roald Dahl's story about him.
"I myself have always found it difficult to treat anything too seriously and I believe the world would be a better place if everyone followed my example. I am completely without ambition. My motto - ‘It is better to incur a mild rebuke than to perform an onerous task.’ - should be well known to you by now. All I want out of life is to enjoy myself. But before one can achieve this happy end one must obviously get hold of a lot of money. Money is essential to a sybarite. It is the key of the kingdom. To which the carping reader will almost certainly reply, ‘You say you are without ambition, but do you not realize that the desire for wealth is in itself one of the most obnoxious ambitions of them all?
This is not necessarily true. It is the manner in which one acquires wealth that determines whether or not it is obnoxious. I myself am scrupulous about the methods I employ. I refuse to have anything to do with money-making unless the process obeys two golden rules. First, it must amuse me tremendously. Second, it must give a great deal of pleasure to those from whom I extract the loot. This is a simple philosophy and I recommend it wholeheartedly to all business tycoons, casino operators, chancellors of the Exchequer, and Budget Directors everywhere.





cocktail: plague water

While on the subject of old stuff becoming new, apparently reviving what for some were medicinal tonics is a thing. If you don't fancy plague water or any number of other alcoholic tonics created over the ages to preserve active ingredients perhaps you can have one of these, also made with an elixir which was banned for years. Also because of myth and speculation. And hillbillies making the stuff while not knowing how to extract the correct fraction in the distillation process.
A close cousin to the Old Fashioned, the Sazerac has been kicking around in one form or another since 1840. In 2008, it was crowned the official cocktail of New Orleans, a designation more suited to marketers than drink mixers. The truth is the Sazerac has always belonged to the Crescent City.
Up until the late 1800s, it was made with French brandy as a base—Sazerac de Forge et Fils, to be exact—before bartenders switched to rye, the spirit newly arriving by the barge-load down the Mississippi. A well-made Rye Sazerac is indeed a tasty thing, full of spice and depth, though perhaps, we think, a hair too much muscle.
Which is why equal parts cognac and rye, not as a gestural homage to a lost classic but because the two work together so perfectly. The coupling is a boozy yin-yang that when accented by the licorice flavors of absinthe produces a cocktail that’s simultaneously soft and bold, smooth and brash, and so unmistakably New Orleans.
Absinthe, to rinse
1 Sugar cube
1⁄2 tsp Cold water
3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 1⁄4 oz Rye whiskey
1 1⁄4 oz Cognac
Rinse a chilled rocks glass with absinthe, discarding any excess, and set aside. In a mixing glass, muddle the sugar cube, water and both bitters. Add the rye and cognac fill with ice, and stir until well-chilled. Strain into the prepared glass. Twist a slice of lemon peel over the surface to extract the oils and then discard.
Bottoms Up!

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