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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 72: Rebel Rebel

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 72: Rebel Rebel

First published to our newsletter recipients on February 10, 2019
"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face." - Mike Tyson.
It's New York Fashion Week. We'd love to do something theatrical and magical. But for us that is what our experiences are about. Trips to the Grand Prix in Monaco. Rallies in Africa to save elephants. Salmon fishing in Alaska. Inhaling the finest wines known to man in France. Gumballing through eastern Europe and the former soviet union.
Maybe one day we'll throw a show. But it will be an event. Not a spectacle. More of a rebel yell. A rage against the machine. With a gentlemanly twist. And character.
So as you read from the bottom up, mix yourself a Rebel Yell, and consider the role of the Gentleman Rogue. Always stylish. Never fashionable. Characters welcome.




Aside from making suits that GQ called, "Savile Row meets Rock 'n Roll" we've slowly put together some of the finest expressions in the world of other things which fit our vision. From signet rings, to swimming kit, we've got you covered.


The DQ Signet Ring: The mark of the Gentleman Rogue. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to get yourself one of our fantastic signet rings. Its an addictive piece of kit which will be sure to be the perfect addition to any outfit. If you don't know your size we will send you a kit to determine which size to order. Available in silver now. Or white or 22ct gold to special order.


Buttonholes: These small details say a lot about any suit. Perhaps more than any other telltale sign. Each handmade buttonhole is the signature of the tailor who stitched it. With no two the same. But each being a sibling of another. Spring is in the air. So lets plan some magical outfits for the coming months. For you, or your better half (yes we do womens' bespoke also.) To learn more about our bespoke suits, have a read of our FAQ's HERE.


Tie One On: You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone. So use this link for a limited time to get yourself one of our incredible ties at a little less than the usual price. Use code VALENTINE at checkout. Grab one, grab them all. Hell grab them for your friends, dad, and anyone else it will put a smile on the face of. Limited supplies as always so don't dilly dally.


Shirting: Made from the most luxurious shirting fabrics our shirts are cut, stitched, and finished at a small artisanal family workshop on the west coast of Italy. Each features two piece collars, single needle stitching, mother of pearl buttons, our signature smoking skull gusset, and all the other things you would expect of a quality shirt. Or join our Shirt Club...


Daddy Day Care: Hot and cold towels, shaving creams, moisturizers and his proprietary bespoke resurrection treatment to bring your post shave skin back with a zing. We believe Ivan gives just about the best shave you could ever have. Just e-mail us to set up an appointment for you, or a friend.


Red or Dead: We don't believe you will find a better pair of gloves anywhere. Handmade to DQ's exacting spec in England by artisans with 277 years experience. Using the finest materials known to man - deerskin leather, Scots tweed and cashmere.


The Wallet: When one of our clients asked us for a modern leather wallet with our distinctive smoking skull logo embossed on it we obliged. Made in London, England by our Royal Warrant holding makers. Each wallet is constructed by hand from the finest leather embossed to create a carbon fibre effect. 100% silk lined. Then boldly stamped and painted by hand with our smoking skull just in case you spot a fellow Gentleman Rogue at the bar and fancy a chin wag in good company.


Swimming With Sharks: The perfect beachwear for the Gentleman Rogue. Combining classic design with a twist and state-of-the-art technical fabrics our swim shorts are second to none. Designed in NY. Made in Italy. Made with microsense by Sitip and offering a soft sensual feel next to the body with quick dry comfort. Contrast waistband, thigh stripes, signature smoking skull on back pocket and luminous quad stripes.


Sock-Em: Snuggle into the best socks money can buy.
These 80% wool and 20% cotton socks are handmade in exclusive DQ colors featuring an integral signature smoking skull on each ankle. Hand linked toes and all the other signs of excellence you would expect are included in the price.
The Square: The accessory every jacket needs to add some pep. Handmade in England using the finest silk, printed with our special blend of irreverent motifs, or classic plain colors or stripes with a pop of color. The choice is yours. Just don't leave home without one.

watch: rebel in the rye


We just celebrated Burns Night again for our thirteenth year running. And as we like to tell people that the title for the two most taught books in English literature in the USA both have titles inspired by Robert Burns' poems it was only fair that we watch this biopic of JD Salinger on his way to greatness with "Catcher in the Rye."





read: catcher in the rye


Because it's all phony. And Holden Caulfield knew it. Pick it up again for a rerun of three days of underground angst and hi-jinks in New York City.





cocktail: rebel yell

Put on some punk rock and mix up one of these babies. If you really want to tie one on, do it in style in one of our,"God Save The Queen" ties...
2 ounces good bourbon
2 dashes bitters
2 dashes lemon juice
garnish with a lemon wedge
Get some serious bourbon. Mic Drop or the like if you can. Pour into a glass over ice, then the add bitters and lemon juice. Stir. And garnish with a lemon twist.
Bottoms Up!

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