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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 70: Free Your Mind...

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 70: Free Your Mind...

First published to our newsletter recipients on January 21, 2019
We've been Kondo'ing. Hasn't everyone? A karate sensei we know well, who was one of only three non-Japanese to ever graduate from the legendary JKA at the time, oft talked about the challenges of becoming the enlightened sage. He who was so enlightened he threw even his alms bowl away. As worldly goods were simply baggage for the soul. And humility was the path of righteousness (perhaps this guy could have benefited from a healthy dose...)
We're not sure we agree completely. But as long as the throwing away is subscribing to the Errol Flynn adage that, “Any man who dies with more than $10,000 to his name is a failure” then we are probably fine with it. Experience life, the universe and everything. Take the path of excess. Find the palace of wisdom. And pass on what you have learned.
So on that note, read from the bottom up, mix that cocktail, and enjoy.


join us: days of glory and nights of excess


It's our annual Burns Night on February 2nd. Celebrating the playboy poet. This year is the hipster edition in a Brooklyn speakeasy. Get your tickets now before they run out. Use code EARLYBURNER to get 10% off on purchases before January 27th.



in other news...


Grand Cru Tour: We're headed to France the first week of March for an exclusive experience money cannot buy. If you are interested in joining us for a private tour by helicopter of some of the finest wineries in the world, please e-mail DQ to discuss. Places are very limited. Krug, Chateau Palmer, and other legendary ground will be taken in on this dining tour.


Monaco GP: Sunday May 26th is the 77th Monaco Grand Prix. Join us as we do it in style the way it should be done. Complete with the 65m DQ classic racing schooner, wine dinners, casino visits, nightclubs, and viewing second to none. Again space is very limited, so please reach out sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.


Kondo Your Wardrobe: We have always been proponents of a Kondo strategy of life. In so far as having the best things, and perhaps fewer of them. Not being penny rich and dollar poor by buying cheap, inferior things which will not stand the test of time. So if you are getting with the program and clearing out pieces for which you do not feel love, give us a call so we can fix you up with the best stuff. Which you will love.


DQ Shirts: Made from the most luxurious shirting fabrics our shirts are cut, stitched, and finished at a small artisanal family workshop on the west coast of Italy. Each features two piece collars, single needle stitching, mother of pearl buttons, our signature smoking skull gusset, and all the other things you would expect of a quality shirt. Or join our Shirt Club...


Bespoke Suit: You dream it. We make it. Hand cut and stitched by skilled artisans in New York City from a pattern made just for you. There is simply no occasion which is not improved by a fantastic suit, sportcoat, or overcoat. So don't hold back on the investment of a lifetime. Reach out to let us know what you are pondering. Then meet with DQ to let his mind go to work on the best possible version of what you are looking for.



watch: total recall

While on the topic of being remembered, or even remembering who you are, here is a mind bender if ever there were one.
When Quaid visits Rekall in 2084 to go on a virtual reality vacation to the colonies on Mars everything begins to fall apart at the seams. Is it real? Or did the machine scramble his brains. And does Mars even look like this?




read: can't hurt me

One of our DQ Bespoke guys recommended this. And with good reason. This guy's story is an honest to god proof that willpower trumps genetic disposition every time.
Stuck in a dead end job as a fast-food restaurant exterminator, and over 100lbs overweight, David Goggins decides to take control of his life. By joining the Navy Seals. But first he must pass the aptitude test, and lose 100lbs. In a matter of weeks.
He is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man) and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training.
If you loved The Obstacle Is The Way, The Daily Stoic, and other books of this ilk, then you will love this.




cocktail: total recall

As if your recall isn't shot enough already, maybe this will jog those Mars memories back into focus for some Total Recall.
2 oz gin
1 oz Cocchi Rosa
0.25 oz strawberry syrup
1 dash Vieux Pontarlier absinthe
Stir all ingredients together over ice. Strain into a white wine glass.
Bottoms Up!

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