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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 68: One Suit, One Coat, One Glove

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 68: One Suit, One Coat, One Glove

A midweek special. 
As many of you know, one of DQ's very favorite books is called, "Shop Class as Soulcraft." It investigates the value of work. As in, the value of work to human happiness. Not the value paid by others for one's work, but the value to you personally in taking pride in what you do. Doing things with passion and commitment because you care about doing the best you possibly can. Regardless of what someone else is paying you to do it. It's a strong, and controversial message, in a world obsessed with hoarding pieces of paper with pictures of dead people on. And has a whiff of irony, as those who do what they love ultimately tend to do well from it. Perhaps even better than those who do the same thing simply to stack paper. If you haven't read it, have a read. It's an inspiring piece.
It's also appropriate as we just made it into Leon Magazine in Japan. For those in the know, this is probably the coolest lifestyle and style magazine in Japan. In a land which has practiced the "Shop Class as Soulcraft" ethic for generations, it is easy to see the magic in everything undertaken by people with a passion for perfection. Just try a visit to our friend Namae-san's restaurant L'Effervesence if you need proof. It may just end up being one of the best meals you have ever had.
It also brings us to the essence of this week. It's cold. Both here, and in Tokyo, right now. And there is still time to make a fantastic overcoat which will pass the test of time. With a London City weight wool suit to go with it. Make an appointment before January 15th to do so and we will add a pair of our fantasmagorical gloves as a gift from us.
So on that note, read from the bottom up, mix that cocktail, and enjoy.






the devil: in the details

The devil is always in the details. Which is why they matter so much. For what to a layman may look like a glass of red liquid, to an expert is a Riedel Burgundy glass topped to the perfect level with a fine Romanée Conti. And so again, the pleasure of something fantastic, is often not about the perception of others. But the selfish joy of understanding something special. Like a bespoke piece from us.


The Gentleman Rogue Pocket: In 2005 a DQ client asked for a little something extra on his suit. We suggested coloring one of the buttonholes on his cuff. And thus a trend was born. We stopped suggesting it after everyone flattered us with mimicry. And then, after much thought, we invented a new type of pocket flap. Never before cut by anyone, or used on any garment. So we trademarked it. And thus the Gentleman Rogue (TM) pocket was born. Tucked in for conservative business. Tucked out for a rakish evening with the boys.


Bespoke One-Of-A-Kind Cloth: There is bespoke, and then there is bespoke. The true test of somewhere that makes special things is the extremes they will go to. As we've oft said to make you laugh, the old joke on Savile Row was that they would make you a gold Rolls Royce if you paid for it. Well, we're about to make you a special edition DQ Aston Martin if you will pay for it. But we can, and do, also often make one off cloths just for one suit. Never to be repeated. It's not easy to do. Or inexpensive. Which is why you'll be hard pressed to find someone else who will go to the extremes we will to make you what you want. You dream it. We'll make it happen.


A Unique Lining For Every Piece: Recently we've been asked to incorporate mandalas, mantras, motifs, and other interesting things into linings for things we are creating. Our graphic design department models the artwork for each new requests and we color match to, or compliment, the color combinations in the suit, jacket, or overcoat it is for. It's all about going the extra mile to make sure that the finished item is unique.


Signature Buttons: We've been working with a very old, artisanal jewelry maker in the UK for the past year. They've been making gold, silver and brass together with precious and semi-precious stones and enameling for royal families and the military use for over 200 years. We've been designing, patenting, and perfecting numerous items which we will be using going forwards. We're nearly there. So please do ask for your next piece. No doubt we can sneak in some color matched brass, silver or gold buttons. To match our signature smoking skull signet ring of course.


Handmade Buttonholes: Every buttonhole we make is cut and sewn by hand. To the layman a suit is a suit. To the marginally educated the cheap to the ok is differentiated by the presence of functioning "surgeon cuff" buttonholes. To the Jedi of suiting one of the best tells is the presence of hand sewn buttonholes. Each is as unique as the man or woman who stitches it. And each is perfect in its imperfection. Just like many features of a handmade suit. Or handmade anything for that matter. It is this imperfection which makes it unique. And imbues character.


Bespoke Whatever You Want: As Maxim Magazine noted in their most recent edition, we're the guys who will go the extra mile to make you something special. We will literally make you anything that is possible given the right combination of time and money. This extends not only to clothing, but to other luxury items which are hard to obtain, or trips such as going to the Monaco GP the DQ way. If you don't ask, you don't get. But if you do, be careful what you wish may just get it!


Vents - Double Or Single? And Why: While you are pondering your new London City weight suit, and overcoat, make sure to ponder the vents. Then we can tell you what you are getting. As, a single vent is for riding a horse. And a double for sitting on a chair. As for the rest, that then falls into the land of Martini's (speaking of which, we're gasping as it is Juice January), depending upon the situation, one is good, two is perfect, and three is too many...


Fit: It goes without saying that whatever we make you will fit. This is the most basic of starting points. But how it fits, as with every other detail, is a discussion to be had between us. We are all different. And as comfort is the best way to confidence our goal is to make things fit the way you feel most confident.


watch: kingsman


More than one wag has commented that our store is like Kingsman. Which is interesting given that we were making "Quinnsmen" at least a decade before the movie was created. Nonetheless we enjoyed it a lot. And suspect you will too for that lazy afternoon with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.





read: all the king's men

"These people were in his hip to the whiskey...and the blackjack...and the gun..."
Often described as America's greatest political novel, this tale of corruption, graft and consequences is perhaps one of the greatest books ever written. 
The 1947 Pulitzer Prize judges thought so at least; as it won.




cocktail: the golden circle

For those of you not wringing yourselves out after a little excessive excess over the holiday season may enjoy one, or two, of these.
If you can't find the special edition gin from Berry Bros. & Rudd perhaps substitute with a dry gin of your choice.
50ml No.3 London Dry Gin, Kingsman Edition
25ml egg white
25ml lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
1 drop of vanilla essence
1 tsp lemon curd
Poppy seeds to serve
Lemon peel
Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice until the shaker is cold to the touch. Strain away the ice and give it one more, dry, shake, then strain the contents into a Martini glass. Garnish with a sprinkling of poppy seeds and a twist of lemon peel.
Bottoms Up!

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