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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 67: Two Thousand And Nineteen...

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 67: Two Thousand And Nineteen...

Here's to 2019.
And all the amazing things to come.
This was us raising money for conservation in Zambia. If you'd like to join us, or to sponsor our efforts, just let us know.
As usual, read from the bottom up, mix that cocktail, and enjoy.

to do: the 2019 list

It's a funny old world. We know we are not solving the world's critical problems - water, food, sanitation, power. But we're certainly doing our best to dress everyone better and give them good reason to take pride in themselves, their goals, and their dreams. And to share every experience and piece of knowledge with their fellow man.
Aside from our usual Eleventh Bottle dinners, here's a rundown of some of the shenanigans we already have on the DQPrivée books for 2019...


January - Burns Night
Our annual extravaganza celebrating poet, philosopher, and all around playboy, Robert Burns. Kilts, scotch, haggis, firebreathing, NYPD visits and on sale soon.


March - Grand Cru Chinooks Bordeaux
Join us as we investigate what the Brits call, "Claret" on a whirlwind tour of three Grand Cru Chateau in Bordeaux; including DQ's favourite, Palmer. Enquiries welcome.


We may have lost the rogue who instigated our annual Monaco Grand Prix trip, but his spirit lives on as we dip into the largest pirate convention in the world. And party our way through the biggest Formula One race of the year. Enquiries welcome.


We're embarking again upon another epic rally with the Gumball3000 crew. Come join us and this madcap group of speedfreaks as we cross Europe from sea to shining sea. Contact Us.


DQ has been inhaling rosé since 1982. So some might say he has a longer sample set than most. Made in Provence just north of St Tropez Quinn Rosé is as authentic as it gets. Available all year around direct online. Go on...dive in!


Lunatics gallivanting through the bush with stripped down, juiced up 4x4s, up hill and down dale. Naturally all in aid of a worthwhile cause. Join the team, or sponsor us as we return for 2019.


DQ is joining one of the teams as they race across the atlantic in 2019. We'll be raising money for a good cause - so keep your eyes peeled.


December - Miami Art Basel
Its become the social event of the fall calendar. So of course DQ will be there.Keep your eyes peeled for our 2019 calendar.


watch: peter sellers in " the party"

"Hrundi V. Bakshi. - Pardon? - That is what my name is called."
Banned for life from Hollywood for ruining the set of the most powerful producer in town, Hrundi is accidentally invited to the party of the season.
What a party it turns out to be...




read: the old man and the sea

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
As you probably know, that was Sir Winston Churchill. But it could equally have been Hemingway's old man in this timeless Nobel Prize winning tale of perseverance.




cocktail: joaquín's hangover helper

Some might say our buddy Joaquín Simó is the finest mixologist of our time. Others will disagree. But either way here's something to pep up your new year's day.
As Joaquín said:
"For the day after, I'd forgo anything shaken or stirred, as no one can really work that hard on January 1st. A simple highball will do the trick, with just a wee amount of booze, but mostly low-ABV amaro and quality tonic water. This drink is a little savory and herbaceous, with a touch of smoke and a nice dry finish that keeps you going back for more."
1/2 ounce mezcal
1½ ounces amaro, such as Cynar
Good quality tonic water, such as Fever Tree, Q or Thomas Henry
In a 12-ounce highball glass, mix the mezcal and the amaro, then top it off with tonic water. If you can bring yourself to use a sharp implement, a lemon peel makes a lovely garnish.
Bottoms Up!

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