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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 57: The Meaning Of Life

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 57: The Meaning Of Life

One of our rogues was in this past week to make merry with a motley crew of characters. We convened to eat, drink and shoot at the legendary New York Italian private member's club, Tiro A Segno.
In among our ramblings, he asked the question, "What is the DQ Mission Statement." Which got us to thinking.
Our mission has always been to create a global club of gentlemen and rogues. Educated. Opinionated. Motivated. Inspired. With a sparkle for life, a propensity for fun, a giving nature, and a sharing soul. Yes it is about clothes. And taking pride in the way one looks. But it is also about character and culture. Wolves. Not sheep.
We hope that in the years to come you will help us spread our message, and lead others to our door. Either in the flesh, or online. Thus all our hard work to make unique things, and offer exceptional experiences will be rewarded by the pleasure experienced by those who see fit to visit us and join.
A Gentleman's Club, second to none.

pre-order: exclusive gloves


Simply the best pair of gloves money can buy. Designed by DQ in New York. Made exclusively for us in England. Using our own hand loomed Scots tweed, deerskin leather, and the finest cashmere lining complete with signature smoking skull fixtures. Of course, construction by Dents of England; using over 250 years of know how.
Pre-order now in red, navy or charcoal.






visit: miami pop-up

We've just opened a DQ pop-up in the Design District in Miami. Capturing the DNA of what we have done over the past 15 years. With appointments available for bespoke suiting and shirting, or motorcycles. As well as new products focused on what you may want to wear at the beach. Swimshorts designed by DQ and made in Genoa, Italy. Handmade leather flip-flops from France. New iterations of the iconic DQ Metropolitan sun glasses. And more.
Oh. And you can also come for a shave or a cut by a master barber with over 30 years of experience. You may have heard of Joe Allen. Or Freeman's. Or the New York Shave Company. He opened them all. After being flown around the world to show his artistry to others Ivan has landed with us in Miami to show you. So reach out to make an appointment now.
We're looking forward to lots of fun, and meeting faces old and new at this new pop-up. Please come. Please send your friends. And refer new clients. As without you, we will have nothing to do.
With our thanks in advance,


read: the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

It's not just us who consider the meaning of life. It's been on people's minds ever since man developed the ability to think. And, of course, we are the smartest in the universe. So it is clearly for us to figure out. Right?
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was written by Douglas Adams. So it holds a dear place in DQ's heart aside just from the brilliance of the premise, and execution of the tale. Douglas went to the same high school as DQ. Along with Hardy Amies, of Savile Row fame. Both are sadly departed. And both were knighted as a "Sir." But ultimately their legacy was the work they loved and the inspiration they continue to provide for others pursuing their own dreams, long after they are gone.
Pick it up, and ponder life and its meaning from a perspective very different to anything else you can imagine.




watch: brazil

Terry Gilliam, perhaps best known for his turn as a member of the Monty Python troupe, is responsible for this distopian gem which is still as epic today as it was upon its release in 1985.
Fortunately for us we aren't trapped in the system such as that portrayed in the movie, where one small bureaucratic mistake can lead to catastrophic personal consequences.
Sit back and marvel at the shape of things hopefully not to come.




overcoat: the perfect piece of winter kit


Jack Carter would have been proud. It's cooling down in Gotham City today. And we may be drinking rosé for as long as the tan lasts. But Winter Is Coming. And when it does we can think of nothing better than one of our bespoke overcoats. Cut with just enough DQ Rogue in it to give it some edge. Available in cloth from heavy English wool to Cashmere, Alpaca and anything else you fancy. Hand cut, stitched and finished in NYC.
Use the link below to set up an appointment to acquire the best overcoat you have ever owned.





cocktail: new york sour

We're in Gotham City...and leaves are beginning to fall. So it is perhaps time for a drink more befitting of nights by the fire. And so, therefore, we give you, the New York Sour.
A traditional whiskey sour, but to make it a New York sour, you float red wine on top. The rich aromatics from the wine will add a special twist and push the whiskey sour into winter.
• 2 oz bourbon
• .75 oz lemon juice
• .75 oz simple syrup
• Red wine float (Côte-Du-Rhone or Beaujolais work well)
Shake the bourbon, lemon juice, and simple syrup with ice and strain into a double old fashioned glass over ice. Top with a red wine float.

Bottoms Up!


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