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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 55: Here Comes The Sun...

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 55: Here Comes The Sun...

We're opening a pop-up in Miami's Design District again. From now thru January. So feel free to drop by to meet the lovely Daniella, and Ivan our barber of 30 years experience.
Needless to say we have lots of fun lined up, including Quinn Rosé every Friday in Palm Court so you can inhale a glass or three while enjoying the Friday night concert in the square.
We'll also be cooking up some shenanigans for Art Basel no doubt.
As we're always keen to have people view life through a DQ tinted lens we've also added a few new things to our lineup. Swimshorts for one. Designed by DQ (like the Robot Shark here you may have seen on ties at some point - hand drawn by DQ), then handmade at a small artisanal facility in Genoa, Italy. Perfect for the matter where.
We'll also be offering gentlemen's and rogue's grooming services, as well as our unique bespoke experience. So feel free to be in touch to make an appointment, and to tell your Miami based friends or visiting characters that we are there.
With all that said, read from the bottom up, mix yourself something tropical, and enjoy the rest of this week's Q+T.

read: shark river

Donna Tartt he ain't. For all kinds of reasons. Not least of which his gender, stature, and lack of hair. He also didn't win the Pulitzer Prize.
But if you are looking for the perfect, easy, beach or yacht read, you could do a lot worse than Randy Wayne White and his tales of Doc Ford and his Sanibel Island escapades.
Find a nice spot in the shade, mix up on of those fancy Piña Colada's we set you up with below, and be spirited away.
Once you have indulged in one and become hooked, there are still plenty more to while away your time on the next beach on your list.




get involved: elephant charge

We just got back from attacking the 2018 Elephant Charge in Zambia.
But there's still time to add to our tally of sponsorship supporting anti-poaching, education, and conservation.
Feel free to drop by and have DQ make your ears bleed with the details.

watch: jaws

Simply one of the best movies of all time. Despite the clunky special effects, and hilarious 1970's attire.
Sit on the edge of the seat as the cult soundtrack begins.




giddy up: polos

We get that summer has wound down in NYC. But we also appreciate that we have avid Quinners all over the globe. And that our polos are perfect for our forthcoming Miami pop-up, as well as trips to the islands and beyond this fall.
So feel free to grab one while stocks last. As usual we did not make many.
And for those who are interested, the basic models available online can be customized from a choice of patches and printing we have been working on so that each can be different from the next. Should you so desire.
Featured above the red and white version we used for our 2018 Elephant Charge team, complete with Elephant Charge logo, signature Smoking Skull, team number and Quinn + Tonik team print on the back.
Snap up some basics. And reach out to us for the customizations.




socks: still wriggling

We just field tested these in the bush in Zambia. And they came out with flying colors.
We've also noticed that a few of you dipped a toe in the water (pun absolutely intended so feel free to groan). And then came back to purchase many more. We can't think of a better testament to both the style and quality of these socks. They are simply fantastic.
So get some now.




cocktail: the piña colada

We're headed to Miami. So what else could we recommend than that favorite of sunny climes tipples, the Piña Colada.
2 ½ to 3 oz. of rum
2 oz. Cream of Coconut
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
How To:
Add Ingredients to blender. 
Make sure the liquids fill the blender to the same level as the ice.
Blend until smooth and creamy.
Pour into a poco grande glass.
Garnish with pineapple, lime, and/or a cherry.

Bottoms Up!


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