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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 53: Closer To The Edge

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 53: Closer To The Edge

This is a photo of a legend. A man who rose to greatness through utter dedication to his path. And persevered through such set backs as breaking every bone in his body. And yet still being back racing within six weeks when doctors said he would never walk again.
Of course he got back up. Because that was the only way to win.
His name was Barry Sheene. He was also a lunatic who drilled holes in helmets so he could smoke cigarettes while racing (sadly the genesis of his eventual demise despite all the madness in between.) And best mates with one of our other preferred roguish, hard working, hard partying, role models - James Hunt.
Its the Elephant Charge next weekend. And also the Gentleman's Ride. Both raise money for worthy causes - conservation in Zambia, and prostate cancer globally - respectively.
We're headed out with Team Quinn+Tonik to a blur of jetlag, medicinal Quinn + Toniks, and some ridiculous terrain in the company of other petrol heads who also want to preserve the ecological gene pool.
But we will also have more than one character flying the DQ flag for us at the New York City Gentleman's Ride.
Whatever your preference, we hope you will support.
So while you ponder we will give you some motorcycling mayhem. Which may well make your eyes pop far enough out of your head that you'll need a stiff drink. In which case, read from the bottom up, fix yourself a Manx cocktail, and enjoy.

read: the daily stoic

Our favorite read in a while. In bitesize portions of philosophy dripped out day by day. Who knew reading the Stoics every morning could make for such an improvement to each and every day.
Its easy to pick up, easy to read, and only takes a few minutes at most.
And comes in handy whenever life deals you lemons. Or a 160mph crash where everyone rides over you and breaks every bone in your body.
Its about the best thing you could do for yourself this Sunday.




get involved: elephant charge

Many of you have expressed an interest in sponsoring our team, and donating to the cause. Please just send us an e-mail to discuss the best way to make that happen.
And even the smallest contribution helps.
Have a read of yet another harrowing article in the New York Times this week about the decimation of the pachyderm population by poachers if you need a nudge.
Where once millions of animals roamed now there are pockets being poached dry to support buyers of what are little more than teeth. Leaving carcasses, and children to rot.
With a little hard work from all of us future generations will be able to experience these majestic creatures.



watch: closer to the edge

Like many a lad, DQ took up motorcycling as it was freedom. And he's had his fair share of adventures. From being lucky enough to tag along test riding superbikes for Fast Bikes Magazine in the 1990s, to graduating to getting his hands on elite machines from Ducati, Aprilia and others to take through their paces on the road.
There is truly nothing like going fast on a high power motorcycle. If you have ever riden a race horse it is somewhat similar. You think you are in control. But you never really are. But you are at one with the elements. With nothing protecting you from anyone's mistakes.
In the world of motorcycle adrenaline rushes there is only one race. A race which many have tried, and failed, to ban. Due to the extreme danger of hooning around narrow, twisty country lanes at speeds in excess of 200mph.
This is strictly for certifiable nutters. And what a joy to watch.
Meet the pork chops of the character of motorcycle racing, Guy Martin, as he takes a run at conquering the mountain.




Our Ricard inspired leather jacket. Designed by DQ. Proudly built exclusively for us by the legendary Vanson Leathers in the USA.
Available in ready to wear as pictured or in black with white stripe contrast.
Or bespoke in any color or leather combination you can dream up.
Who said you couldn't look like a Gentleman and a Rogue simultaneously at the Gentleman's Ride?




socks: wriggle those toes


DQ has been parading around in these ever since they arrived. We'd venture to say they are our favorite socks ever. But don't take our word for it...grab a pair or three for yourselves and give them a test drive. We already know you'll have the happiest feet you've had in a while if you do.





cocktail: the ronague bay

While we are all still going 180 miles per hour over the Isle of Man TT course in our heads, perhaps we can add some fuel to the fire with one of these made from the local hooch.
2 ounces whiskey (ManX preferred)
1⁄2 lime, juice of
3⁄4 teaspoon sugar
lime wedge (to garnish)
Fill a long glass with the ice.
Put whiskey, lime juice and sugar in a shaker.
Shake well.
Pour over ice.
Garnish with Lime slices.

Bottoms Up!


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