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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 50: Bring Us The Finest Suits Known To Man

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 50: Bring Us The Finest Suits Known To Man

You don't need to smoke a Camberwell Carrot to appreciate a little rest and relaxation. So while we have innumerable special projects underway in the DQ skunkwerks for your sartorial pleasure this fall, we decided to limit this week's Q+T to some inspiration to ponder for your fall wardrobe. And, of course, a cocktail.
So with that said, read from the bottom up, pour yourself that drink, and slip into something spectacular this fall.

#1 The Tweed


A little tweed can go a long way. Especially with a little extra something in the details. A DQ Gentleman Rogue (TM) pocket flap for instance. Or the chest pocket flap seen here sported by Roger Moore on the trail of Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun.




#2 The Flannel


Sometimes a rogue needs a suit too. Jude Law got a little upset in Dom Hemingway. But then so would you if your friend had been banging your Mrs.. As always, the devil is in the detail. And white mother of pearl buttons take this classic blue flannel from gentleman to rogue in a few quick stitches.




#3 The Cheek


You don't have to be a prince to wear it. But a contemporary rif on a Prince of Wales check is always a winner. Especially with a little pop of color.




#4 The Chalkstripe

If you think Peter O'Toole looks ropey in this photo taken in 1976, you should have seen him wandering Hampstead High Street on a Sunday morning in the 1990's in his silk dressing gown and slippers to get a pack of fags and the newspaper.
Chalk stripes, rope stripes, pinstripes, and other variations have always been the province of the lauded banker. Or gangster. So just tell us which you are and we will happily guide you into the right line for your line.

#5 The Mohair

As many of you know, given the chance DQ will talk you into a mohair suit over anything else. The perfect choice for roadwarriors, and erm, just plain old warriors. 
It's not just because Jack Carter was hard as nails that we like it. It's pretty much the crispest, most wrinkle proof fabric known to man.

#6 The Tuxedo


Whatever your color of choice, a dinner suit is always a fine plan. Especially coming into party and gala season...






cocktail: the "dark & stormy"

A favorite refresher to start up the engine. Technically, to be a Dark & Stormy this drink must be made with Goslings rum. But to hell with rules.
240 ml (8oz) spicy ginger beer 
Juice of one lime
Lime slices
120 ml (4oz) spiced rum 
Fill two 12oz long glasses with ice.
Add the ginger beer, lime juice and a slice of lime to each glass.
Very carefully and slowly pour the spiced rum on top - so it stays in a separate layer. You can do this over the back of a spoon for a more defined separate layer.
Add a straw and a slice of lime to the top of the glass then serve!

Bottoms Up!


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