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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 47: Put It On The Underhills

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 47: Put It On The Underhills

We're not saying that our journeys are formed by the paths we are shown, but it's tough to argue that an overdose of Mr Benn when DQ was a youngster didn't affect his view of the world.
All you need to do is choose the costume of your choice. And you can become an astronaut, race car driver, adventurer, pirate, corporate raider or anything else you may desire.
Because, remember, we are so conditioned that we assume that form dictates function. Therein lies the really interesting part of what we do at DQ...
Here's a description of Mr Benn, as featured in UK Blog "Devon Live":
"Children of the Seventies and Eighties will remember the plinky plonky music and turning wheel of costumes that marked the start of Mr Benn, arguably one of the gentlest but most extraordinary children's cartoons ever created."
"It was Saturday morning in Festive Road, coal was being delivered and boys were playing with wooden swords, everything was very ordinary. This is an ordinary street..." intones narrator Ray Brooks at the opening of the first episode, Red Knight.
But what happens next is not ordinary at all, as Mr. Benn, invited to a fancy dress party, goes in search of a suitable costume. In a back street, he finds a fancy dress shop, where "as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared" and allows him to try on a red suit of armour.
Over the course of 13 episodes, originally shown in 1971 and '72, and then repeated a staggering 42 times over the next 21 years, Mr Benn revisits the shop and has adventures that fit whichever costume he's trying on, from flying into space, to taming a pirate."
So, ponder the costumes of your life, let's read from the bottom up, pour ourselves a drink, and consider how what we choose to wear, forms who we are. Pirate or race car driver, corporate titan or king.

read: the obstacle is the way

"It is not death that man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live."
So said Marcus Aurelius almost 2,000 years ago. Jokesters often comment that the old ones are the best ones, and in the case of tried and true wisdom we're starting to agree. Never one for self-help mumbo jumbo written by people who have achieved nothing save amassing a small mint from writing self help books, this is something entirely different; a collection of musings from the mists of time. Thoughts of gentlemen who persevered, thrived, adjusted their plans, and continued to advance.
Inhale that cocktail deep and ponder this partial life hack for getting old too fast, and wise too slow.



invest in: something epic

If they ever start auditions for a young Chevy Chase in "Fletch - The Prequel," we will be sure to reach out over the ether to Lord Pitcairn Lord. He assures us that the hilarious comedic tour de force, "Fletch," was filmed at the peak of Chevy's powers when dating such beauties as the young Goldie Hawn. Of course, we took his word for it sans question.
As with all the characters who frequent DQ, our special skill is in divining the correct wrapper to express the man within in a way which maximizes. In this case for an impending marriage to a Southern Belle.
Most would shy away from velvet. And corduroy. Its not exactly a classic choice. Especially for a three piece tuxedo. But therein lies the magic.
But not everyone is the perfect rendition of a young Chevy Chase.
Needless to say no matter the occasion we will make you a wrapper which excels at the task.
Make an appointment now to pep up your fall wardrobe and be the best dressed man in the room. By far.



get involved: elephant charge

This is about a pilgrimage to save the elephants...
DQ has been visiting Zambia for some 30 years or so, with deep local connections.
In 2012 he started entering a team to compete in an annual 4x4 car rally which takes place in the Zambian bush outside Lusaka, and sponsoring the committee and team shirts. The Elephant Charge raises money and awareness for conservation and elephants in Zambia.
This year team Quinn + Tonik is shipping its modified Land Rover D90 to Walvis Bay in Namibia and then driving across the Kalahari Desert to Lusaka, Zambia to compete in the rally. Quite the adventure of many a Gentleman Rogue's dreams. All while raising sponsors and donors for the cause.
As with most teams, we are raising funds to offset some of the considerable expenses to do this via product and branding placements. And raising direct donations on top of that.
We will be picking up the car in Walvis Bay, Namibia around September 20th and driving across Namibia into Zambia to compete in the rally September 29th weekend.
We are actively seeking corporate sponsors for the team. And also hoping our Quinn + Tonik readers will want to donate to the cause directly!

inhale: quinn rosé

If you haven't tried some of our rosé yet, just click the link below to have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the domestic USA.
Made from Cinsault, Carignan, Syrah and Grenache from vines growing in the Var region of Provence for almost as long as time can remember, this is classic beach rosé writ large.
Light, dry and refreshing. And simply as good as it gets for a day in the company of gentlemen, rogues, sunshine and characters.



watch: the great race

Part Mr Benn-esque outfits and cars. Part, "Around The World In 80 Days,"  and part, "Wacky Races" this has long been on DQ's list of approved viewing.
Perfect for a lazy afternoon when you want to escape from your own reality and disappear into a different universe.




shirts: get some


Shirts. The best shirts known to man. Made using exclusive bespoke fabrics woven in Italy by Thomas Mason Bespoke. Using long strand cotton engineered to make the finest shirting in the world. And grown in the best environment on the planet for it, in Giza, Egypt.

Join our shirt club now for a regular installment which will have you looking and feeling the part all year long.




cocktail: the "fletch" bloody mary

The "Fletch" Bloody Mary
The true origins of the Bloody Mary are disputed, but the combination of vodka and tomato juice became popular in the 1920s, reportedly because it was a regular bespoke order from comedian George Jessel at New York’s famous 21 Club.
1 1⁄2 oz / 37.5 ml vodka
3 oz / 75 ml tomato juice
1⁄2 oz / 12.5 ml lemon juice
3 dashes Worcestershire sauce
6 drops Tabasco sauce
2 pinches ground black pepper
1 pinch celery salt
Gently shake all the ingredients with ice for at least half a minute before pouring into an ice-filled Highball glass. Serve with a celery stick.

Bottoms Up!



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