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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 46: Into Thin Air

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 46: Into Thin Air

It's the middle of summer somewhere. And the middle of winter somewhere else. Such is life as a small part of a bigger whole.
Which is brought into sharp relief as you try to climb to heights not intended for human habitation. Or to reach super-human goals.
For centuries before the invention of Gore-Tex and other 'technical' fabrics, Tweed was THE technical fabric for colder climates, extreme conditions, and hanging around at the country pile with your chums blasting away at guinea hen, pheasant or fox.
We've always seen it as the perfect outfit for fall. And when you are making something special, things take time. So we're taking your temperature now for the cold. Even when for some it's hot.
So, ponder extremes, let's read from the bottom up, pour ourselves a drink, and consider tweed woven just for the recipients of this list. In a shed. In Scotland. On a hand loom. By one very experienced and talented lady. It just doesn't get more bespoke than that.

read: into thin air

The 1996 ascent of Everest was to go down in history as one of the most catastrophic of all time. Man had pitted himself against the mountain for as long as time can remember. And in 1953 Edmund Hillary and his sherpa guide Tenzing made it to the top. Seeing the world for the first time in a way that no man before had.
Unlike Armstrong's later small step for him and large jump for mankind, this was something within the reach of the many. Not just the few. And so began the pilgrimage to Everest for those with a lust for thin air and high acclaim.
By the mid 1990s professional guides were offering to get people to the top of the world, almost regardless of their professional credentials. As long as the check book and ego were willing, the goal could be achieved.
And yet, as this story reinforces, there is a reason for the old mother's fable of pride before a fall. Disrespect your mother and you may have earned a clip around the ear. Disrespect Everest and you earn yourself a cold express ride to Valhalla. And a permanent ice enclosed viewing gallery for those who later attempt the feat which led to your doom.
Into Thin Air is journalist Jon Krakauer's story of the 1996 climb. From optimistic beginnings, to calamitous end.
Inhale that cocktail deep and ponder life in the dead zone.




invest in: hand loomed exclusive tweed

As many of you know we are constantly looking for special things. So when we came across a lady in Scotland who weaves tweed on a hand loom with a passion for fun projects we knew we were on to something.
This fall we will be making very special tweed for a few lucky guys (or gals.) Hand woven so as to make just enough for a few jackets and suits, and then hand cut, stitched and finished in NYC. You simply will not see this anywhere else.
Perfect with a nice pair of denim, or as a three piece just the same, it's sure to make you the best dressed character in the room - without fail.




get involved: elephant charge

The 2018 Elephant Charge is only nine weeks away. Team Quinn + Tonik is looking for sponsors and donors for this great event which raises awareness of conservation matters in Zambia. And donates sponsorship funds to anti-poaching, education, and other causes which serve to maintain and improve the environment for the indigenous animal populations which have been hunted to the edge of extinction.
Drop us a line if you are interested in joining the team, sponsoring the team, or just getting involved. Needless to say, places on the team are limited, but sponsors and donors are not.




inhale: quinn rosé

If you haven't tried some of our rosé yet, just click the link below to have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the domestic USA.
Made from Cinsault, Carignan, Syrah and Grenache from vines growing in the Var region of Provence for almost as long as time can remember, this is classic beach rosé writ large.
Light, dry and refreshing. And simply as good as it gets for a day in the company of gentlemen, rogues, sunshine and characters.




read: the climb - tragic ambitions on everest

There are always two sides to every story. And only then can you attempt to derive with even the smallest amount of confidence the truth made up of strands from each.
So read again the story of the disastrous attempt to climb Everest in 1996 in the words of the man who almost single-handedly pulled the amateurs to safety. While all around him considered them already dead.
Legendary climber Anatoli Boukreev sadly died in an accident on Anapurna just a decade later. But this story stands testament to his incredible spirit.




shirts: get some


Shirts. The best shirts known to man. Made using exclusive bespoke fabrics woven in Italy by Thomas Mason Bespoke. Using long strand cotton engineered to make the finest shirting in the world. And grown in the best environment on the planet for it, in Giza, Egypt.

Join our shirt club now for a regular installment which will have you looking and feeling the part all year long.




cocktail: marmalade gin

In 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary set off to climb Everest he took a jar of marmalade with him. We can't say he made this cocktail for sure. But we'd certainly like to think so.
For each drink, combine 3 ounces gin, 1 ounce dry vermouth, 1/2 ounce lemon juice and 1 tablespoon orange marmalade in a cocktail shaker with ice; shake ingredients together well in a mixer with crushed ice. Strain into chilled glass, garnish and serve.

Bottoms Up!


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