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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 44: Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 44: Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying

La belle France. Cheese. Wine. Fine dining. Renault Alpine A110s. And now two football world cups thanks in no small part to the blessings of their colonial ambitions of old.
After last week's missive on the hocus pocus of cure alls of all flavors, we figured we'd lighten the mood. And add some garlic to this week's Quinn + Tonik to spice things up a bit.
So, with all things French in mind, let's read from the bottom up, pour ourselves a drink, and ponder what life would be like without good Burgundy, and stinky cheese.

watch: mesrine

America had Bonnie and Clyde. The Brits had the Kray Twins. And France, had Mesrine.
With an all star cast, and a storyline that yet again proves fact is often stranger than fiction this two part movie portrayal of France's Most Wanted Man gives us Vincent Cassel in top form.
Needless to say, we raised an eyebrow when we saw the movie poster featuring Cassel wearing an original version of the 1960's spectacle frames our Metropolitan sunglasses were based upon. Especially as the movie was released the same week we started selling them.
Sit back, tag a swig of the Kool-Aid, and enjoy.




buy: metropolitan

Inspired by DQ's father's days in the Metropolitan Police.
Handmade in limited numbers in Italy with metal frames and top drawer UV lenses.
For Gentlemen. And Rogues.




tie one on: fleur-de-lys

The fleur-de-lys. A symbol almost as old as time. And with as many interpretations. We've been making ours for at least a decade. And they continue to please. Bold and yet classic at the same time they're an exceptionally flexible addition to any wardrobe.
Punchy contrast colors to start a conversation, or understated monochrome to whisper one. Royalist, Bourbon, Medici, Pirate, or otherwise. Colored specially by DQ so that you can wear with literally anything and not worry about it working.
Hand cut, folded, and finished in London, England from 100% woven silk in Sudbury, England on looms that have been weaving silk since the 1700s.
Tie one on.




inhale: quinn rosé

If you haven't tried some of our rosé yet, just click the link below to have it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the domestic USA.
Made from Cinsault, Carignan, Syrah and Grenache from vines growing in the Var region of Provence for almost as long as time can remember, this is classic beach rosé writ large.
Light, dry and refreshing. And simply as good as it gets for a day in the company of gentlemen, rogues, sunshine and characters.




read: the count of monte cristo

As Andy Dufresne famously said,
Rumor has it Dumas' tour de force was based upon a true story. Which makes it all the more beguiling. But who could not be entranced by this tale of innocence, incarceration, treasure maps, daring escapes, lies, riches, avarice, cheats, love and revenge.
We hope you have read this before. Or seen some or all of the movies (our favourite versions are this and this.)
But even if you have read it before, and seen all the movies, you should read it again.




shirts: get some


Shirts. The best shirts known to man. Made using exclusive bespoke fabrics woven in Italy by Thomas Mason Bespoke. Using long strand cotton engineered to make the finest shirting in the world. And grown in the best environment on the planet for it, in Giza, Egypt.

Join our shirt club now for a regular installment which will have you looking and feeling the part all year long.




cocktail: le bobo

Apparently this has been making the rounds in Paris. And as we rather like rhubarb, it sounds just about right for a summer's day basking in World Cup glory.
1 3/4 oz Gin
1/2 oz St. Germain
1/2 oz King L’Avion d’Or
1 dash Rhubarb Bitters
White of 1 Egg
Splash of Club Soda
Star Anise to garnish
Shake everything up in an iced cocktail shaker.  Pour into an over-sized tea-cup, top with floating star anise to serve et voilà!

Bottoms Up!


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