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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 42: I Only Told You To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 42: I Only Told You To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

"Sport is living myth. Like video games and superhero movies, it gives the way myth gives. It gives people a sense of the heroic. It is the stage upon which great acts of prowess, courage and shame play out — Ronaldo rising to the occasion, Messi choking under pressure. Like myth, sport takes place in a Perilous Realm where special rules apply. Also like myth, sport requires a great suspension of disbelief. The viewer has to pretend that it really matters which group of men puts a ball in a net." - David Brooks, NYT
"Football is game played by 22 men kicking a dead pig's skin around trying to get it between two sets of wooden posts." - Sheldon Attridge, former high school classmate of DQ.
Every four years, even if we are not football mad, and even in the USA, bars and pubs are filled to the gills with men, women and children on the edges of their seats rooting for their team of choice.
Many names have resonated over the years. But it is probably fair to say that the greatest player of all time was an Irish playboy who scored goals for Manchester United, and Northern Ireland. He once quipped that he, "Spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."
George Best was simply a man who played on a different level to all those around him. Don't take our word for it. Apparently another man who many think played quite well, Pélé said he was the greatest footballer in the world.
And so, with a soccer theme in mind, lets read from the bottom up, pour yourselves a drink, and ponder running rings around the obstacles in your life with the finesse of George Best in his prime.

watch: the italian job

What better cover for a gold bullion robbery than a football game?
Michael Caine in a tour de force performance as Charlie Croker leading a gang of likely lads on a foreign excursion to show up the Italian mafia. This could well be DQ's favourite movie of all time. In fact we're flabbergasted as to why no-one has yet made a pre-quel or a sequel (the shitty Mark Wahlberg remake does not count.)
In the words of Mr. Bridger (Noel Coward): "We've come here to pay our respects to Great Aunt Nellie. She brought us up properly and taught us loyalty. Now I want you to remember that during these next few days. I also want you to remember that if you don't come back with the goods, Nellie here will turn in her grave, and, likely as not, jump right out of it and kick your teeth in."
Sit back and get ready to enjoy high fashion, high speed, and high-jinks from start to finish.




buy: car ties


Ladies and Gentlemen. Start your engines. With a nod to the most iconic vehicles of the past century, we give you some underknot ties to wear at that summer cocktail party. Or for Cars & Coffee.
Woven and handmade in England from the finest silk money can buy.




inhale: quinn rosé


The results seem to be in. And hotel roofdecks, restaurants and bars across New York City and beyond have approved our eponymously named rosé. From the Gitano pop up featured in Vogue, to the newly opened roof at The Williamsburg Hotel, it's simply being acknowledged as the real stuff. Made just north of St. Tropez using locally harvested Cinsault, Carignan, Grenache and Syrah grapes. Light, dry, and refreshing with hints of melon and peach. Literally, just the way it should be.





read: fever pitch

Nick Hornby is football mad.
“I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it.”
Arsenal vs. Stoke City, 1968
A definitive guide to what it means to live, sleep, and breath soccer. Written from the semi-autobiographical viewpoint of a football mad "Gunners" fan.
Pick it up and learn what it truly means to be a football fan in the UK.




dq shirt club

"I don't want to be rude, Charles, but times have changed."
"Adrian, when I went in that was all the go."
"What did you do? Life? You know, you could put all these in a museum."
If its time to update your matter how long you've been away we can help.




cocktail: the pimms cup

There are many twists and variations on this very English of summer drinks. Its a slow burner that seems to do nothing. Until you find yourself face down in the strawberry patch holding onto the plants for fear of falling off.
The recipe has changed a little over the years but the essence is Pimms, ginger ale, and lots of cucumber, strawberries, mint and ice. If you want to add a kick, fuel with a little extra gin.
Mix 2 parts Pimms to 3 parts ginger ale in a large container, Add mint, strawberries, and cucumber. Strain over ice, then garnish with the same fruits.
Hey presto.

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