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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 28: A Little Bit More Than An 'Ot Dog, Know What I Mean?

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 28: A Little Bit More Than An 'Ot Dog, Know What I Mean?

Easter is just around the corner. Which means Easter bunnies, Good Friday, and the weather turning a corner so you can, once again, escape New York (or anywhere else) on the motorcycle of your choice.

What could be more appropriate than to watch the movie that many call the British answer to The Godfather, "The Long Good Friday". An east end gangster on the verge of legitimizing himself by converting his criminal empire into real estate gets embroiled with the IRA, the Mafia, and the challenges of going straight. Bob Hoskins in his break out role. 

And although for some reason we often hear concerns over striped suits sending a certain message in the US, we have to remember that pinstripes, ropestripes, chalkstripes and all manner of other stripes have been worn by aristocrats, entrpreneurs, gentlemen and rogues since suits first became de rigeur. 

So, with no further ado, get that cocktail mixed and in hand, and enjoy.

watch: the long good friday


"What I'm looking for is someone who can contribute to what England has given to the world: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit more than an 'ot dog, know what I mean?"

Feast your eyes on how the English do gangster.




read: zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance


We haven't read this in a while. But it's time to pick it up again. Reflections on life, the universe, and everything. While crossing the country by motorcycle.





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and now time for a cocktail...

the dukes martini


The James Bond martini: "shaken and not stirred" is probably the most famous drink in all pop culture. But for much of his life, Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, didn’t drink martinis. That all changed when he fell in love with them at the Dukes Hotel bar, located on St. James Street in London, home over the centuries to some of the city’s greatest gentlemen’s clubs, wine merchants and tobacco retailers. The rest is history. But Dukes’ head bartender Alessandro Palazzi says the influence flowed both ways: The Dukes martini may have inspired Fleming, but Fleming, in turn, put the Dukes martini on the map. 
The Recipe
The Dukes Martini
A few drops white, dry vermouth
A few drops oil from an organic Amalfi Coast lemon
1 slice lemon rind from lemon
Frozen gin or vodka

allesandro's method


"We serve the martini on a rosewood trolley. Unlike most other bars, we bring the bar to you. I also use my own vermouth—from a distiller in the north of London who uses only English ingredients, made especially for Dukes.
"I start by splashing a few drops of vermouth into a frozen martini glass. If you like it very dry, I discharge the vermouth in the carpet. Then I top-up with either frozen gin or vodka. Next, I slice a big slice of a twist of lemon and, with my fingers, I squeeze very gently all the lemon oil onto the top. Because the spirits are frozen, the viscosity is much thicker, so the oil stays on top. Freezing also numbs the smell of the spirits so you won’t smell the gin or the vodka. This way, when you lift the glass to drink the martini, the first thing that comes to your nose is the aroma of the Amalfi lemon." 

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