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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 15: Christmas Eve Edition

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 15: Christmas Eve Edition


the king james bible

This tome needs no introduction and many of us claim to have read it. Either whilst being flogged by nuns who would give the Blues Brother's "Penguin" a run for her money or under the tutelage of a bearded theology professor. We may even have heard of it as the mystical centerpiece of Denzel Washington's struggle in, "The Book of Eli." But if we are honest, few of us have studied it properly.
Have a go. For it's tough to judge something you've never actually read.
For a more enlightening explanation of what King James has to do with it, perhaps have a read of the erudite Mr. Hitchens in Vanity Fair.
And as a wag who was my father's right hand man at Burns Night used to say, "Never trust a man with a Gideon Bible."*
* The Society of Gideons place free Bibles in hotels. Thus, anyone in possession of one outside of their hotel room is, by definition, quite possibly a thief.




watch: troupe monty python

Once upon a time there were some funny chaps at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. They met whilst on tour in New York City. And soon became, "Monty Python's Flying Circus."
Enjoy their take with tongue firmly in cheek, and a New York Flip in hand (recipe below.)
Thenceforth, you will have been inducted into a group who believe these movies to be comedic (if irreverent) genius.









the essentials


English Lions Tie


Knights Cross Links

See Cufflinks



drink: the new york flip


3/4 oz. tawny port
1 oz. Elijah Craig bourbon
3/4 oz. heavy cream
1/4 oz. sugar syrup
1 egg yolk (note: crack an egg onto a Hawthorne strainer, the white will drip out while the yolk will remain intact in the spring)
1 pinch Nutmeg
***Add all ingredients (except nutmeg) to shaker without ice.  Dry shake for 1 minute to emulsify the egg).  Add ice and shake vigorously for another minute.  Strain into chilled coupe glass and sprinkle with nutmeg.




dq shirt club


The first rule of Shirt Club is:  
You do not talk about Shirt Club. 
The second rule of Shirt Club is:  
Third rule of Shirt Club:  
We spec the shirts, you wear them to victory.



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