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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 13

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 13


ready player one

As the world sinks more and more into their phones and social media, it's not tough to believe that at some point in the not too distant future, alternative reality will be more your reality than reality.
A world where everything is learned from the inside of a computer construct. Where you take a vacation without leaving home.
And it's also not difficult to imagine that if Tim Berners-Lee had decided to take ownership of the Internet, rather than give it away for free, he may wield a God-like position already. Let alone in another few decades.
As Net Neutrality looks set to give way to commercial interests controlling the delivery mechanisms and pricing of the information and entertainment we receive, it's also not difficult to see how the online universe could become divided into those with the means, and those without.
Now imagine that the owner of the internet has passed away, with no heirs. And control over the day to day lives of the billions who use it will be passed over to whomsoever can solve a series of riddles based upon 1980's pop culture and video games.
Enter, Ready-Player-One.
And hope that you watched enough Wargames, played enough Pac-Man, and dabbled enough in Dungeons & Dragons to reach the prize.
Cup of tea or cocktail optional.





enter the oasis


Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg.
Prepare for sensory overload.




robot wear

Designed by DQ whilst under the influence of several cups of tea, these sets of hand drawn artworks are in themselves a little video-game esque. Add them to your repertoire and bask in the glory of the compliments which will surely roll in.



Robot Shark Swim Trunks


Robot Piranah Fish Ties




and now time for a drink...


Penhaligon's has partnered with The London EDITION for their Portraits-inspired cocktails. Hosted at Punch Room in Soho, a modern reincarnation of London's 19th century private clubs complimented by performances of vintage soul, blues, ragtime and doo-wop.

The Monsieur Beauregard
Tea: Green + Jasmine
Punch: Cider Punch: Lemon – Orange –
Manzanillla sherry – Pisco – Apple cider





the dq ultimate boxes

The ultimate statement packaging for your holiday gifts. We have freshly procured vintage wine boxes from the finest vineyards in the world and repurposed them for a one-of-a-kind gift presentation. Worry no longer about your what-to-buy-the-man-who-has-everything conundrum.






dq shirt club


The first rule of Shirt Club is:  
You do not talk about Shirt Club. 
The second rule of Shirt Club is:  
Third rule of Shirt Club:  
We spec the shirts, you wear them to victory.



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