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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 107: The Queen's Speech

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 107: The Queen's Speech

First published to our newsletter recipients on April 6, 2020
She's been through two world wars, led Britain to victory in a World Cup, survived numerous Royal scandals, and has still come out smelling of roses.
And she just gave one of the most kick-ass speeches in the time of Covid-19. Befitting of one ascended in 1952 , "by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Queen, Defender of the Faith."
You can see it, and read it, here.
We're trying to figure out how to maintain an even strain in a zero revenue world.
Which has mostly involved lots of cocktails.
As to which, see below, mix up a storm, then start again reading from the top.
Bottoms up!

get real: duck talk

One of our legion of Gentlemen Rogues sent this to DQ. We thought it very apropos.
So keep calm and carry on...

invest in yourself: gift cards


Gift cards are available, which yield 10% on the investment. Pretty good pricing considering what T-Bills are paying.





watch: the kings speech

Before we had HM Queen Elizabeth II we had Bertie.
Once you have that cocktail in hand sit back and watch this fantastic movie about the challenges he faced.
It's not even easy being King, so hang in there.




dress up: p.o.e.t.s. cocktails via zoom

Apparently we've all found ourselves noticeably parched of late. Booze sales in the USA are up 27% since the 'rona confined us all. And that is with all the restaurants, bars and hotels closed. So we've clearly being doing what DQ's Zambian bush buddies call, "ovahboozin'."
Therefore, in an attempt to make lemonade from lemons, we decided to rally the rolodex and create a Friday cocktail hour for us all. Hosted on Zoom by DQ, with guest mixologists of world class calibre. Using PMSpirits fancy booze as a preference for your base (we'll advise you what and where to get in advance once you sign up...)
First up, James Beard Award Winner for his cocktail program, the one, the only:
William Elliott
(Maison Premiere, Sauvage - Brooklyn)
We are thinking perhaps this Friday, so please sign up to express an interest.
And needless to say although recommended attire for our cocktails is a tuxedo or similar attire, fancy silk pyjamas work too.




read: churchill

What better time to revisit "The Gathering Storm", the lead up to the Second World War, and the war itself, "The Finest Hour", in Sir Winston Churchill's own words.
If there were ever a man who found courage in the face of adversity, and a way to inspire those lost souls around him who had already given up, this is he.
For an easier primer watch this, and see how greatness can be found in unexpected places.






cocktail: quarantini variation #2

Dark 'n Stormys are legally the province of Gosling's Rum, who own the TM. And they are perfectly lovely. But as real pirates we prefer our rum up from the depths, like Kraken, or rather more special, like Boukman Rhum. Of course, it is another PMSpirits booze. We love their integrity, and their ability to find the best stuff on earth. So go ahead, make your day, and lift the fog of real life with something Boukman Rhum and stormy.
1 oz. Boukman Rhum
2 oz. Ginger BEER (we recommend Fentimans or Fever Tree)
1/2 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice
Lime wedge garnish
Fill glass with crushed ice. Slowly pour in lime juice and ginger beer (never ginger ale.) Add lime garnish. Slowly pour rum to give an appealing dark/light split. Take photo. Then stir together and enjoy.
Bottoms Up!


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