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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 105: Invisible Bullets

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 105: Invisible Bullets

First published to our newsletter recipients on March 22, 2020
We've been receiving notes of support from our coterie of Gentlemen Rogues(TM).
DQ has always been a journey of passion. Fueled by an irrational belief that success could be achieved in something you have to be an idiot to choose as a career. Through the thick and thin of initially explaining to journalists what "Bespoke" meant, to weathering the storms of the financial meltdown following Lehman Brothers collapse, to the slow road back, and the challenges of increasing competition using cheap factories in Asia, we've done nothing but enjoy the very special grant you all make to us of the chance to do something we love and be supported while doing it.
So thank you. For then. And for now. And for what is yet to come.
Now, first, read from the bottom and make that drink...
Then, to business.
Our starter for the week is the greatest Elizabethan scientist, Thomas Harriot, who in 1585 was sent by his patron, Sir Walter Raleigh, to the nascent English colony in Virginia to assess the natural resources, observe the Algonquian inhabitants, and weigh the colonists’ chances of survival.
Fortunately for us, humankind's meagre knowledge has expanded somewhat since 1585. Albeit not enough apparently. As to which, our view below.
As with everything, you can laugh, or you can cry. And you can run, but you can't hide. So we'd propose you put your best Pirate hat on, and act like our logo: celebrate life in the face of your own mortality.

essential sedation: quinn rosé

Fortunately we have supplies for those of you getting thirsty.
Needless to say this also helps Chateau DQ in a time of madness as it can be delivered through the mists.
Booze and fedex are essential apparently.




help the cause: gift cards


If you can't find anything you like online at remember you can always pay it forwards with a gift card that gets you a 10% bonus. Use at your leisure once the coronamist lifts. Perhaps some of our new handmade English shoes which take 8 weeks or so to make anyway, or a new bespoke suit based upon measurements we already have. Either way we'll honor it against everything from a tie to a proposal to put together an adventure to the South Pole.





corona: our view

...if you don't care to know our opinion...skip this...this is not FDA approved, and we are not doctors, this is simply our opinion...and we all know what they say about opinions...


As many of you know, DQ likes to read medical research. For some reason he finds it fascinating. It could have something to do with having come at the top 1% of the UK in sciences and mathematics as a kid. He likes problems, and logic.
So here is the contrarian view from the DQ bar, in this Coronaviral environment.
The conventional view of what is happening here has brought capitalism and America to it's knees in a matter of days. Not due to actual deaths from a plague. But from guesswork and the propagation of proposals of how much at risk we all are of expiring in a puff of corona.
Our view is that this has not been based upon empirical facts or data. Which should be the bedrock for any decision. What appears to have been going on is actions taken based upon views for which there is no reliable data. Simply supposition. Which is always a dangerous way to do medicine.
We agree with John P. Ioannides and his suggestion that,"It’s like an elephant being attacked by a house cat. Frustrated and trying to avoid the cat, the elephant accidentally jumps off a cliff and dies." [see 5) below]
So here are some articles, and thoughts, for you to ponder if you want to take a view:
Before we blow up life as we know it and revert to guns, germs & steel we should question what is driving the hysteria. Because we really hope it isn't the data coming out of China, Italy and elsewhere which seems to be being taken as unquestionable [See 7) above and other commentary online about the methodology of recording cases of infection and mortality]. When planes have been delivering exposed people for months, the transmission rate is 1:3 with an incubation period during which you can infect others for 14 days, and nearly all infected people are asymptomatic, if you only test sick people who show up at the hospital and call that the infection rate, and use mortality without discounting for normal deaths you get a mortality rate on a country scale somewhere between 20x and 30x what it could be. But that is exactly what the numbers from China and Italy are doing when stating mortality is 3%...
We'll leave it to you to ponder. But we are way more concerned that the crashing of the economy will kill magnitudes more than the COVID19 virus.
We're also happy to be set straight by those smarter and better informed than us - feel free to send an email.

watch: dark waters

Since we are not discussing lighthearted matters perhaps watch this.
BigCorp DuPont vs Grandma's grandson "The Attorney". Based upon the true story of Teflon. And well worth a watch. DQ is still recovering from being a lawyer. But sometimes it takes a tenacious one to take people to task.
Based on the New York Times reporting about Robert Bilott, "The Lawyer Who Became DuPont's Worst Nightmare"




read: how to be an epicurean


Although we love The Daily Stoic, especially at times like this, it always serves to have more than one viewpoint. And often we find ourselves liking the Epicurean view of life. Perhaps it is as DQ propped up the bar at Bristol University's Epicurean bar rather regularly in his youth. But we like to think it is really just because we are true proponents of the art of living well.





cocktail: quinn + tonik

We're in the bathtub. Again. Who could blame us given this madness.
You may remember we went into great detail about the origins of the Gin & Tonic and its medicinal properties in Quinn + Tonik Vol. 5.
We've been enjoying them of late with this fantastic gin from Mahon, courtesy of PMSpirits. You can get some here.
Gin de Mahon, Xoriguer, Mahon-Menorca DO, Spain
Good Quality Tonic
Pour a good two fingers of gin into a highball glass over ice. Let it look at the tonic. Garnish with a spritz of citrus (we are enjoying blood orange right now.)
Bottoms Up!

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