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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 103: V is for Victory

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 103: V is for Victory

First published to our newsletter recipients on February 6, 2020
St Valentine's Day is nearly upon us. We've waxed lyrical before about its origins in drunken orgies, and sacrificial offerings of dogs, goats, and a bloke called Valentine.
But aside from its religious connotations, we all know it is the one day of the year your other half will hang you out to dry for if you forget.
So, firstly, this acts as a reminder to do something special. And secondly to remember that love is an all encompassing thing which includes you. So gift yourself something special, or have that someone special give you something to remember them by!
As we like to share the love use the promo code LOVEIT at checkout*, or just ask us for it before February 14 on any item for 10% off.
With that said, start at the bottom and...Bottoms Up!

vested love: bespoke gilet

The ultimate Patagucci upgrade.
Our all hand made bespoke DQ gilet, this is simply the finest version of this piece of clothing that money can buy.
Choose your cloth, lining, level of quilting, colors of quilting thread, and pretty much anything else you can dream up.
From Sunday coffee in NYC to lunchtime drinks up a mountain in Verbier we have you covered.





french letter: wrap up

~ Click images for links ~
Get a tie. A really good damned tie. A tie that says something. And isn't just a crappy piece of a drab uniform. Wear it to meetings where your tie tells the other guy you are winning. And then tie one on when you do and go party like a rockstar with it hanging fast and loose. These things weren't made for wallflowers after all. The best handmade silk ties on Earth.
Everything in this photo. But the link goes to the gloves. We all need a pair from time to time. This is the ONLY pair you will ever need. Provided you look after them. And don't need kevlar reinforced ones to race motorcycles. Or leather ones to box someone's ears off with. Handmade in England by artisans with 377 years of experience. This is the real deal.
When it comes to blowing your nose, or providing smelling salts to revive a lady, only the best will do. And this is that "best." 100% silk kerchief handmade in England, printed with our king of assassins logo.
This is not a plain white tee shirt. But you are not a plain vanilla person. Or you wouldn't be on this mailing list. We will leave those plain white tees to, well, the same guys who wear them under their shirts, which are untucked. Slip into one of these signature tees and prepare for people to ask where it is from, and if they can steal it. Best worn under one of our exceptional gilet vests for a little on the side trading in exotic markets.
It's the small cues that are the tell. Just ask any poker player worth his salt. And here is one of them. Even if you can't afford the Aston Martin DBS Zagato to go with it it expresses a sentiment. An idea. A viewpoint. And this is important. Never underestimate the power of a point of view.
Ever since goldsmiths and merchants blessed us all with not having to carry around a few head of cabbage, or a set of tools and materials in our pocket, when they figured out how to replace barter with bits of paper backed with a reputable promise to pay you have needed something like this. Yes, you may be using plastic cards (it fits a handful) and even your phone (good luck getting it to work everywhere) but net net you need one of these. Handmade in England. Leather. Silk. The best stuff.
This is a 1992 Ducati 900SS Superlight. If all else fails we will find you one of these. It is guaranteed to shave years off your life, both mentally, and potentially physically. Not for the faint of heart. But by god does it make a sexy noise as you open up the floodgates and let the juice flow. There's no ride like it.



wet dreams: yacht racing

If you think going fast in a car feels fast come join us use God's own high-octane fuel as we ride the wind.
This is an experience you will never forget.
And never regret.


(*Antigua Classic Excluded from Promo Offer)
Racing April 3 - 6 (join for just the weekend if you prefer...price will reflect attendance)



big love: the bespoke suit

All our bespoke items are hand made in New York City by our proprietary team. Cloths, inner layers of canvas, horsehair and other necessary accoutrements are imported from England, Scotland, France, and Italy. And then cut and stitched into a first fitting something like the above photo.
You can literally have anything you want. And our only real job is to make you look good in it, confirm it is fit for the purpose you need it for, and ensure you don't look like a clown.
We want to help you win. Every time. Again and again.
So if you feel like treating yourself to an addition to the armory of your tools for success make that appointment now.
Faint heart never won fair maid after all...




read: the DQ CEO reading list

We've suggested you read a lot of books in our Q+T's. But if you really want us to distill down the suggestions so far into the stuff that you really just must read, then this is the V Day gift for you. We won't tell you what it is. But it will contain a font of knowledge.
Fit for a King. As advised by Niccolo Machiavelli.




cocktail: cherry bourbon smash

A tart meets a sweetheart.
5 cherries
1 oz bourbon infused with cherries
1/2 oz simple syrup
Dr Pepper
Muddle the cherries.
Combine cherries, bourbon, and simple syrup in a shaker filled with ice.
Pour over ice in a rocks glass.
Top up with Dr Pepper.
Bottoms Up!

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