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Quinn + Tonik Vol. 101: By Royal Decree

Quinn + Tonik Vol. 101: By Royal Decree

First published to our newsletter recipients on January 19, 2020
Brexit and Megxit may be reasons to wonder what the hell is going on with the British monarchy, and Britain as a whole (Great, or otherwise.) But we're here to tell you that all is fine in that long lineage of culture, craft, and conquest.
Join us this Q+T as we invite you to celebrate Burns Night with us in NYC, drinking Hampden Rum from Jamaica and Navazos Palazzi single malt from Spain, then come yacht racing with us in Antigua, and get some Machiavellian reading under your belt.
Oh, and if you need (or want) you can procure some of the finest things known to man, all designed by DQ and crafted by artisans with Royal Warrants attesting to their magnificent skills and quality.
Now, as always, start at the bottom and...Bottoms Up!

join us: DQ Burns Night XV

As DQ notes on this weekend, few people realize through the haze of malt whisky on that booziest of holidays known as Burns Night, that Robert Burns, the Scottish playboy/poet extraordinaire who inspired the annual celebration, almost became a bookkeeper in Jamaica. In another universe, he could have been sipping fantastic rum. Or perhaps an early version of a rum cocktail. Maybe even something amazing from the Hampden Rum Estate distillery, founded in Trelawny, Jamaica, by the Stirling family, from Scotland, in 1753.
Get ready to watch as Burns Nights next year follow the DQ lead with rum adding to or replacing scotch as the tipple of choice. You heard it here first.

quality: Royal Warrants

We strive hard to only make the best. Which often can be a frustrating process. As frequently the best means a small artisanal workshop with impressive provenance, history, and centuries of experience in its DNA. It's not so much the 10,000 hours of Outliers fame, or even the 60,000 hours required for that most sacred of Japanese monikers, "Takumi", but more like millions of hours through generations.
Often these artisans are fantastic at crafting the absolute best things on earth. But also take their sweet time, and work only to the beat of their own drum.
The very best of the best in Great Britain have been frequented by members of the British Royal Family who acquire their goods and services from them. And this very small coterie of special places are awarded what is known as a "Royal Warrant" - the seal of approval of the Kings & Queens of Britain. Attesting to their skill and craftsmanship.
Many of our accessories are made by such artisans. And while we cannot directly credit ourselves with Royal Warrants as we have yet to be bestowed with that honor (and perhaps being based in the USA cannot be) we can tell you that the makers of our goods have - and in some cases carry multiple Royal Warrants.
Who knows, if Megxit happens and Prince Harry and Meghan move to the USA for some of the year perhaps they will find us, and we will make some magic happen. Prince Harry certainly seems like a character who would fit in with our coterie of Gentlemen Rogues (TM.)
For now, here is a selection of DQ items crafted by skilled artisans with Royal Warrants. All available with a click online, or by popping in for a chinwag at DQHQ.

Royal Warrant #1: Gold & Silver

Hand made in Birmingham, England by artisans a deep, rich, history going back to 1685. Our silver and gold cufflinks, rings and other accessories are all designed by us, then made to our exacting specifications. Sometimes this can take a little longer than expected. But each item is unique, and timeless.




Royal Warrant #2: Shoes

We are about to finally receive our shoe samples, built using our proprietary last. Made by the longest established shoemaker in England, established in 1829, they are available as special orders with goodyear welted or hand welted soles, or full bespoke. Pricing and delivery time vary depending upon the options chosen.




Royal Warrant #3: Silk

As with everything we sell, DQ designs all of our silk items. Our silk is woven in one of the oldest silk weavers in the UK, founded in 1740 in Spitalfields, London, by Huguenot settlers who had recently fled persecution in France. Renowned for the exclusive '350 end' jacquards we use in nearly all of our ties, this is simply a product with no equal.




Royal Warrant #4: Socks

Our sockmaker has been making the best socks in the world since 1892. They've supplied the British Royals and British Military pretty much ever since. Our socks are made using circular knitting where the socks are knitted in a spiral to form a tube-like shape, and then the toes are hand-linked by an individual craftsman carefully matching every single stitch in the body of the sock to its equivalent stitch in the toe of the sock, creating a (literally) seamless finish. This is very time-consuming, but the end result is second to none.




Royal Warrant #5: Gloves

Our glovemaker has been making gloves in England since 1777. The skill and craftsmanship which underpin their worldwide reputation are still very much in evidence, and today the company continues to exercise that care and attention to detail on our exclusive gloves. DQ gloves are only made in very limited numbers, with materials specified by DQ and not even available otherwise from the glovemaker. No matter who you are.




quinning: classic yacht racing

Our plans are shaping up to race the Antigua Classic yacht race from April 1 - 7, 2020
We have six spots left aboard our classic racing schooner, with accommodations for the week at the St James Club 5* All Inclusive Resort when we are not aboard and racing fueled by magnificent winds and our fantastic Provençal Quinn Rosé.
You can join us for the whole shenanigan, or just jet in and out on your G700 if you prefer.
Price Upon Application. Price varies with accommodations.



read: the game of kings

If you enjoyed Game of Thrones and are a fan of The Prince the series of historical fiction novels beginning with The Game of Kings will be right up your street. Sit down with this and a glass of Navazos Palazzi single malt whisky in hand on a Sunday afternoon and you may well find yourself coming to on the sofa at 3am having been transported to another world for hours on end.
It is 1547 and Scotland has been humiliated by an English invasion and is threatened by machinations elsewhere beyond its borders, but it is still free. Paradoxically, her freedom may depend on a man who stands accused of treason. He is Francis Crawford of Lymond, a scapegrace nobleman of crooked felicities and murderous talents, possessed of a scholar's erudition and a tongue as wicked as a rapier. In The Game of Kings, this extraordinary antihero returns to the country that has outlawed him to redeem his reputations even at the risk of his life.




cocktail: navazos palazzi single malt

We're not trying to turn Burns Night into a Rum affair, so please do remember we will also be serving the single malt whisky which The New York Times noted as their #1 overall favourite in a field which included cult malt whiskys from across the globe, including the much lauded Japanese market.
You can get yourself some to use as rocket fuel for those late night musings, whether you come to light the candle with us on Januray 24th or not. It's serious stuff. So enjoy.
a healthy pour of Navazos Palazzi single malt whisky
Grab a rocks glass, add malt whisky, with or without ice, and with or without a drop of water.
Bottoms up!



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