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One of our favourite shirt designs. Perfect for adding some color to any suit, or a pair of fine jeans.


Sleeve length (approx)*: 15/34 ~ 15.5/34.75 ~ 16/35 ~ 16.5/23.75 ~ 17/36

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100% cotton shirt. Handmade in Italy using cotton from Thomas Mason's super luxurious Bespoke Collection. Each shirting fabric is milled in Italy using only the finest cotton sourced from Egyptian cottonfields owned by Thomas Mason specifically to ensure the premium quality of this shirting.

Once we have chosen the shirt fabric all of our shirts are made in a small artisanal workshop on the east coast of Italy. Each shirt is cut, stitched and finished by hand using the finest materials. Mother of pearl buttons. The finest thread. Two piece collars. Horizontal belly buttons. Everything to make a perfect shirt.

We are men of simple taste. Easily satisfied by the best.


*By nature this is a moronic measurement, but is commonly used. Moronic as it measures from the centre of the back of the shirt across the shoulder and down the arm to the cuff. By the nature of this measurement it can therefore mean a wide shirt with a short arm or a slim shirt with a long arm. Hence its uselessness.

Our shirts are fitted. Not so much that you need to starve. But a few too many steaks for two for one washed down with gallons of fine claret will require a physical exercise program to ensure a good fit. And perhaps something for the gout.