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Nitro Express: Hemingway’s Westley Richards Safari Gun

Ask a group of sporting gents to name the world’s finest gunmaker and you’ll get a chorus of “Purdey” and “Holland & Holland”. But those in the know might tip you...“Westley Richards, old boy.”

Lock Stock

Some of the world’s finest bespoke craftsmen are employed in building beautiful sporting guns. As connoisseurs of both custom creativity and gentlemanly pursuits, we have always appreciated the gunsmith’s artistry.

Sail Power

BMW and Land Rover Face Off at the America’s Cup BMW is betting big on the 35th America’s Cup, set to take place in Bermuda next year. The action is already underway to select the challenger in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series...

Colorado Crawlin’

In preparation for this year's Elephant Charge I had agreed to go investigate what is being hailed as the finest off road tire in the history of man.

Limpopo Journal.

Our tracker was a saturnine fellow of zero
words and less expression. Not once had he
smiled, or hit really any note in the register
of human emotion.

Limpopo Journal.

When I drove over the border into Zimbabwe,
the country was barely nine years old,
the signs of civil war still everywhere.
Bullet-holes scored the outer walls of the
farmhouses spotting the savannahs.

A Paddler’s Diary

We live in an age where Point B is to be arrived at as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Despite these obvious efficiencies, we ought to be saddened by what is missed along the way. This is especially the case if Point B is Fort Kent, in the northernmost woods of Maine...

The Elephant Charge

They describe it as Dust, Sweat, and Gears.  And bloody hell it is that.  But so much more. Lunatics gallivanting through the bush with striped down, juiced up 4x4s, up hill and down dale.

A proper walk

I mean besides wanting a drink, I also want to be free from dread. So says the poet Jim Harrison. Drink, of course, is the antidote to dread, but its effects are short-lived and I always feel worse afterward. Harrison often writes...