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Frankly Miami

To celebrate Sinatra’s 100th birthday this December, the luxury tower is inaugurating a series of special events covering a full hundred days, culminating with a live performance by an as-yet-unnamed celeb on December 12th...

Champagne Century

Tasting a Hundred Years of Krug: There are exactly four bottles of unbelievably precious Krug 1915 left in the entire world. With the will to write a sizable check and some pretty snappy work with a paddle the chance to pop one of them open could be yours.

Champagne Safari

We’re setting course for Mexico City where some culinary magic is about to take place aided and abetted by our favorite bubbly, the incomparable Maison Krug.

East of Eden

Miami’s Regent Cocktail Club Comes to Montauk. Ask DQ where to get a truly well-made cocktail in the morass of Miami Beach and odds are we’ll direct you to the Regent Cocktail Club in the Gale Hotel, as gentlemanly a spot as you could hope to find.

Dining with Princes and Pirates

The best way to do Monaco Grand Prix is to pirate yourself aboard a sailing yacht, and let DQ Privée wave its magic wands and treat you to one of the best experiences of your life.

Blood Orange French 75

A rakish look calls for an elegant rakish cocktail. Let me suggest a Blood Orange French 75.

Toasting the Ploughman Poet: Robert Burns

Even by today’s standards, the famed Scottish poet Robert Burns lived a very fast life. Also known as the Ploughman Poet, he fathered numerous illegitimate children and had too many love affairs to count.

A Gem in the Med

It’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve. For the Brits amongst us, the old “pair of aces… aaaaaannnnd another pair of aces” à la Del Boy of Only Fools and Horses fame is always a good one.


Every now and again I am lucky enough to be extended an unusual invite. One which immerses me in a pool of talent and knowledge crafted over generations.