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More Champagne Please…

It’s rare that something truly new comes along in the champagne world — since those crafty Benedictine Monks first came up with the idea of sparkling wine in the 1500s. But Möet & Chandon’s new ultra-luxury prestige cuvée MCIII aims to be a game-changer...

Message In a Bottle:

Celebrating 225 Years of Great Port with Sandeman: In 1790 a young Scotsman named George Sandeman decided to start selling fortified wine from Portugal. 225 years of great Port followed, with Sandeman becoming the brand of choice for English gentlemen...

One for the Road

Rolls-Royce is offering 15 of its well-heeled customers the chance to be very happy campers indeed with the chance to commission one of its new, retro-inspired and totally toast-worthy bespoke cocktail hampers.

Celestial Wines

Unconventional, mysterious and edgy, Sean Thackrey wines have quite a cult following. Mr. Thackrey himself is also somewhat an elusive, renegade type figure which only adds to the mystique...

Frankly Miami

To celebrate Sinatra’s 100th birthday this December, the luxury tower is inaugurating a series of special events covering a full hundred days, culminating with a live performance by an as-yet-unnamed celeb on December 12th...

Champagne Century

Tasting a Hundred Years of Krug: There are exactly four bottles of unbelievably precious Krug 1915 left in the entire world. With the will to write a sizable check and some pretty snappy work with a paddle the chance to pop one of them open could be yours.

Ducasse Meets 007

Set Course for Sin City’s New Skyfall Lounge French superchef Alain Ducasse’s new venture in Vegas pays homage not to a great culinary tradition but to the world’s most stylish secret agent.

Champagne Safari

We’re setting course for Mexico City where some culinary magic is about to take place aided and abetted by our favorite bubbly, the incomparable Maison Krug.

East of Eden

Miami’s Regent Cocktail Club Comes to Montauk. Ask DQ where to get a truly well-made cocktail in the morass of Miami Beach and odds are we’ll direct you to the Regent Cocktail Club in the Gale Hotel, as gentlemanly a spot as you could hope to find.