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Our ties are all limited editions, hand made, 100% silk. Woven and made in England.

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When we started making ‘bespoke’ suits in New York City in 2003 even the guys from GQ and the New York Times had never heard the word.

Top Time: James Bond’s Breitling

In 2013 one of James Bond’s watches sold for a staggering $160,000. A relatively obscure Breitling model, the Top Time, made a brief but important appearance on Sean Connery’s wrist in 1965’s Thunderball.

Naughty-Lust: The Legendary ‘70s Patek Philippe

The Nautilus is not like other Patek Philippes. Compared to its slim, achingly elegant brethren its groovy, curvy case is almost obscene, in the best possible sense.

The Heuer Seafarer

There are a couple different versions of the Seafarer that were produced by Heuer over the years for A&F but the one being offered by Bonhams is among the rarest, last made, and most beautiful.

Moonwatch: When Omega Went Interstellar

Prices on vintage Omega Speedmasters have lately gone insanely high – which is only fitting given how the watch gained its fame.

Limited Edition

Our limited edition polo for summer 2016 commemorating our antics at the Monaco Grand Prix. With a nod to the iconic Hesketh Racing and playboy James Hunt, as well as our favourite vintage racing schooner they're certainly conversation starters and won't last long.

The ‘Doctor’ Is In: Ultra-Rare Watches from Phillips’ Geneva Sale

We recently waxed poetic on a ludicrously cool Breitling Duograph coming up for auction by Phillips in Geneva on May 14.