Dressing Tips

Moonwatch: When Omega Went Interstellar

Prices on vintage Omega Speedmasters have lately gone insanely high – which is only fitting given how the watch gained its fame.

Limited Edition

Our limited edition polo for summer 2016 commemorating our antics at the Monaco Grand Prix. With a nod to the iconic Hesketh Racing and playboy James Hunt, as well as our favourite vintage racing schooner they're certainly conversation starters and won't last long.

The ‘Doctor’ Is In: Ultra-Rare Watches from Phillips’ Geneva Sale

We recently waxed poetic on a ludicrously cool Breitling Duograph coming up for auction by Phillips in Geneva on May 14.

Jack Brabham’s Breitling: Racing History for the Wrist

Sir Jack Brabham is what you call a real racing legend. He won a little thing called the Formula One World Championships in 1959, 1960 and 1966...

Baselworld Beauty: TAG Brings Back the Heuer Monza

The Monza is a reissue in celebration of the model’s 40th anniversary. In 1976, Jack Heuer designed a chronograph to celebrate Niki Lauda's first world championship title with Ferrari.

The DQ Gun Tie

Our gun ties appeared as an homage to movies which inspire the gentlemen of duncan quinn.  Each is not simply a gun (or collage of guns) but applause for a movie.

Keepers of the Flame

The fact that smoking has become all but extinct in polite society is the perfect opportunity to show that for a true gentleman it’s in fact yet another opportunity to show off one’s skills as a preux chevalier or valiant knight, as Bertie Wooster would say...

McQueen’s Other Watch

One of the important aspects of Steve McQueen’s longevity as an icon of rugged elegance is that he was born with style; long before he had the cash to buy up Rolexes and Ferraris he was into functional, good-looking clothes and accessories...

Rally Reward: The Austin-Healey Rolex

We love cool vintage watches as much as cool vintage cars. So when the two come together we feel it’s worth a squib. To wit: the rare 1930s Rolex Striped Prince wristwatch owned by the great Donald Healey...